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How to Get (and Use) Testimonials


Testimonials can work magic for your business by building trust and credibility with prospective clients. But like any magic, they must be used responsibly.


Practical Tips for Freelance Translators


Welcome to the world of freelance translation! You can count on some tough competition out here. The truth is that there are many translators just as qualified as you – and, to be brutally honest, some even more qualified than you.


Translation Journal Update | November 10, 2014

November 10 Update

Here’s what is included in the Translation Journal weekly email update.

1. Attending A Conference - So Worth It!
2. Networking for Introverts: Survival Guide--Tips for Translators
3. Plucked from the Web-Bilinguals are more able to focus
4. Full Time Job Opportunity in Australia for Italian Translators
5. AWEJ welcomes submission of papers


Networking for Introverts: A Survival Guide-Tips for Translators


At a recent translation industry conference, I had the great pleasure of hearing Sarah Dillon give her informative presentation, “Networking for Introverts: A Survival Guide.” Sarah is a professional translator working from French, Spanish, and German into English; she is also a trainer and frequent public speaker.

Sarah began her presentation by telling us about an academic study that delved into the psychological effects of professional networking on individuals engaged in the practice. The study found that many people who network say that it actually makes them feel “dirty” – a reaction so intense that it sometimes even compels them to shower.



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