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Translation Journal Update | November 3, 2014


Here’s what is included in the Translation Journal weekly email update.

  1. Recap of Google Hangout Session
  2. Join us this week for another Google Hangout
  3. Translation and Interpreting Industry Conferences
  4. Quirky holiday gifts for family, friends, and clients


1. Recap of Google Hangout Session

We had a great time in our first Translation Journal Google Hangout this week. We talked about translation and interpreter industry trends, CAT tools, and translation courses. A participant, Fatimah, who is currently enrolled in a translation and interpreting course in the UK shared her course-work experiences which included studying theoretical translation aspects of learning as well as the practical implications to translation and interpreting.

2. Join us this week in a Google Hangout

We plan to continue the conversation, same time next week. And all are welcome to join in! As of this writing, Rose, Tammer, Suzanne and Fatimah have indicated they will attend. We hope to see you. If you have any questions, please email me at See more here.

Languages and the Media

3. Translation and Interpreting Industry Conferences

This is a very busy week for translation and interpreting industry conferences. See more information. Three major conferences will kick off this week on three different continents- North America, Australia and Europe. Attending an industry conference is an investment in your professional and personal development. Participants come away with valuable insights into the translation and interpreting business, and often end up meeting new friends, potential clients, and collaboration partners. It is well worth the financial and time investment!

4. Quirky gifts holiday gifts for family, friends and clients


If you are like many of us – you could use all the resources you can get! For fun, we have put together a list of quirky gifts to give to your clients, family, and friends this holiday season. Why quirky? Well, we at the Translation Journal know how hard it can be to shop for those who already have everything – especially when you want to make an impression. And which gift would make you stand out more to a client: a hovercraft or socks? So, be memorable this holiday season! We hope you’ll enjoy these tips, and please feel free to share your own off-the-wall holiday gift ideas with us – the more eccentric, the better!

2014 Key Holiday Shopping Days -- USA

  • November 27 (Thanksgiving Day)
  • November 28 (Black Friday)
  • November 30 (Cyber Sunday)
  • December 1 (Cyber Monday)
  • December 2
  • December 8 (Green Monday)
  • December 15 December 26

Cheers! I wish you a fantastic week and heaps more translation and interpretering projects!


Karen Hodgson

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