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Want to get your name and your business NOTICED?!

Want to get more leads?

The Translation Journal Agency Directory has arrived!

The Translation Journal is a highly visited website. The Journal site consistently organically ranks high (Google Page Rank 6) on internet searches.  It is a trusted site established over 17 years ago.  

We’ve lined up some amazing opportunities for our TJ Agency Directory Advertisers, and we’re extremely pleased to be offering a limited number of memberships for our initial intake.

Get Exposure?

Here’s what you get:


All your essential details will be presented in a full-page profile in the Translation Journal Directory, including your company description, name, logo, contact details, phone number, plus a direct link to your website and social media.

We will promote your business repeatedly on social media channels and we will feature your business in our newsletters and tabs on the Translation Journal website such as Industry News or Featured Aricles sections.  Whoohoo!

The Translation Journal website consistently receives over 50,000 unique visitors clicking on the website each month.  With this sort of traffic and links to your website we are confident you will see increased click throughs to your website and social media channels.  

Unleash the power of the Translation Journal reach onto your website!

Advertising in TJ Directory is the best thing you can do to increase your leads today.


7 Fabulous Reasons Why You Should Advertise in TJ Directory:

  1. Attract  Leads  - Exclusive directory for translation service providers.
  2. In-Depth Profile  –Craft the image you wish to present and list your company profile and contact details.  (We can do this for you. Just ask!)
  3. High Quality Exposure-- like this is invaluable:
    50,000 unique visitors per month
    Google Page rank of 6
  4. Website Traffic  -Receive a link back to your website.  Unleash the power of the Translation Journal website onto your site.
  5. Trusted Site- Here at the Translation Journal, we pride ourselves on maintaining the highest levels of integrity in everything we do. We carefully curate every single article, advertisement and application to make sure that they all fit within the TJ vision and ethics. This means our audience has the highest trust and respect for the translation companies and products and services we promote.
  6. Social Media and Industry Exposure .   We will repeatedly post about your company in Translation Journal social media sources as well featuring your company various sections of the TJ website through out the year.
  7. You Can Leap Frog Your Competition .  By listing your company in the directory, you, instead of your competition, will reap the benefits of increased exposure and traffic.

And all of these goodies are yours for only $150 USD for an entire year.

List your company Today!

Are you seeking exposure and leads?   Stop wishing. Stop waiting.

Advertising in TJ Directory is the best thing you can do today to get more exposure for your business.

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