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Join Us Online in a Google Hangout Or Skype Call

What is it?

A one-hour session online addressing issues relating to the translation and interpreting industry.

How does it work?

This week we are connecting by Skype.

• Send a Skype request to translationz-kh
• Log on to your Skype account.
• At our designated time you will receive a call in in Skype
• Click on the call and you will be with other participants.
• You are free to talk, ask questions, or just listen. It’s up to you.
• It’s free

When is it?

Our next session will be 21 or 20 April (depending on your location)
Check your time zone here:

Sydney, Australia: 7:00am Wednesday, 21 April
London, UK 9:00pm Tuesday, 20 April
Chicago, USA 3:00pm Tuesday 20 April

New session coming soon.

If you are interested to join in or if this time does not work for you….email

We hope you join us on the call!

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Google Hangouts


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