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Getting Started

I am a translator looking for resources. How can the Translation Journal help me?

Hello and welcome!

I’m Karen Hodgson, the new editor of the Translation Journal. I am thrilled to be a part of this great online resource for translators, interpreters and those interested in the industry.

You may already know the history of TJ, but for first-time visitors, here is a brief summary: Translation Journal was started over 17 years ago and has been published quarterly ever since. That’s a whole lot of publications, and quite impressive!
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Each quarter, for the past 17 years, with brief hiatus October 2013 has been published. The Translation Journal is a digital online journal for about the translation and interpreter industry and written by translators, interpreters and industry experts. It is a platform to spotlight the talents and achievements of translators and interpreters.
In the Translation Journal you will find articles about issues that translators who are experiencing the same issues that you are experiencing. Articles written by experts about their areas of expertise and sharing firsthand knowledge. Click here to read current and past issues. In addition, popular columns include: Fire Ants and Worker Bee and Caught in the Web

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A new feature to the Translation Journal website is an active blog. We post articles each week written by translators, interpreters, and experts just like you intended to provide information, tips, trade secrets, and more. Many articles focus on the translators just starting in this industry and actions to take to build your business, and other articles tackle issues such as "Rate Negotiations" or "Going to Industry Conferences" or "Tips for Translators". Click here to access the blog.

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Our goal for TJ to continue to evolve, thrive, and grow. I am inviting you to be part of a talented community of translators and interpreters who are always seeking more – to be more knowledgeable and more successful, to learn more about the industry, to gain valuable tips and tricks to become more productive, to make more money, and to provide more service to our clients.

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We need to showcase your talents! Why not write an article or post your course or submit and ebook to the TJ or suggest links to articles to post on TJ social medai? Or we welcome your input and will link to your details to provide you the credit. You can gain valuable exposure, both to members of the community and to potential clients. Click here for more information on how to submit an article.

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Each week we are adding new resources such as free e-books to download and courses. All free of charge. Click here to get more information on ebooks and courses.

Thank you. We hope you enjoy reading, learning and contributing.

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All my best,

Karen Hodgson

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