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Translation Journal Update | November 3, 2014


Here’s what is included in the Translation Journal weekly email update.

  1. Recap of Google Hangout Session
  2. Join us this week for another Google Hangout
  3. Translation and Interpreting Industry Conferences
  4. Quirky holiday gifts for family, friends, and clients


Translation and Interpreting Industry Conferences Week 1 November


This is a very busy week for translation and interpreting industry conferences. Listed below are three conferences kicking off this week on three different continents- North America, Australia and Europe.


Translation Journal Update | October 24, 2014


Here’s what you will find in the Translation Journal Email Update for this week.

  1. How to join us online for a Google Hangout
  2. Contributor Spotlight- Leonard J. Meraw
  3. Fire Ants & Worker Bee Post


Translation Journal Update | October 20, 2014


As we mentioned last week, the October edition of the Translation Journal is hot off the presses (well, okay, it’s a digital copy, so no presses were actually involved) and available for your reading enjoyment. We think you will be pleased with the variety of content available in its digital pages! Click here for the full version.


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