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Industry Knowledge - Conferences Present Brilliant Opportunities

20191017 142211

I attended a recent TAUS Asia Conference and Exhibits event, which was held in Singapore from 16-18 October 2019. TAUS is a language data network who describe themselves as “an independent and neutral industry organization” seeking to develop communities by sharing knowledge, metrics and data during events and in online user groups. They’ve organised 25 events in Asia since 2005, but this was the first time they’d staged one in Singapore.

It was the largest event ever organised by TAUS, drawing in over 210 individuals in the translation and interpreting industry from 22 countries around the globe. Attendees at the event were encouraged to learn how to redesign new translation processes, deepen their knowledge of emerging technologies, and meet new customers and vendors in the language field.


Contact Centers And Importance for Interpreters

20190917 154910

I recently attended the Customer Contact Week in Austin, Texas, with a view to furthering my knowledge and understanding of the industry particularly as it relates to the interpreting industry. The CCW is the largest customer contact event series in the world, drawing in at least 3,000 attendees on an annual basis for over two decades. Professionals within the industry flock to the CCW every year to network with peers, glean valuable information from leading minds in the field, and find out more about which new technologies could impact on their individual vocations.


5 Reasons you may not hire bilingual person instead of professional interpreter


A bilingual person is the one who knows both the languages involved in the conversation and is able to understand as well as translate the same. So, the question will come to anybody’s mind that why such bilingual person cannot work as the interpreter! The logic is correct but practically a bilingual person would not be the right alternative for professional interpreter. Here are the reasons!


Top 12 Christmas Gift Ideas for Translators


With Christmas just around the corner many of us are on the hunt for the perfect gift for our friends and loved ones. None of us want our thoughtful presents to simply end up dusty, sitting at the back of the gift receiver's closet for eternity. That's why it's important give gifts that are not only fun, but also useful.


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