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Happy Translation Day

International Translation Day has been celebrated since 1953. The theme for this year’s event is CONNECTING WORDS.

The day falls on St Jerome’s Day, who is the patron saint of scholars and was the first to translate the Bible from Hebrew to Latin, making it accessible to many more people. Since then, the Bible has been translated into a total of 554 languages. The day is designed to celebrate and acknowledge the work of translators and interpreters across the globe, who break down the language and cultural barriers and improve our ability to understand those around us. Whether we need to talk on the phone to someone who speaks a different language, or are at a conference where a multitude of languages are being spoken, or if we need to understand an important document or movie in a foreign language, they are able not only to translate the words, but the hidden meanings and cultural significance as well.

Every quarter, Translation Journal publishes articles with translation and interpreting themes. The articles cover a wide range of the issues facing those in the industry and are a great read. Here’s a link:

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