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Working as a Translator or Interpreter in World-famous International Law Courts or for the United Nations

Working as a Translator or Interpreter

Translators often work for lawyers and other legal clients, assisting with matters pertaining to immigration, criminal law, and other issues where one or more of the parties involved doesn't speak English. Some translators get a chance to work on a much larger scale, however: United Nations or courts of international law. These courts, which include the War Crimes Tribunals of The Hague, the European Court of Human Rights, and the European Court of Justice, try cases that have international consequences and which literally have followers from around the world. It goes without saying that fast and accurate translation is an absolute necessity for these courts.


15 Free Stock Photo Sites

15 Free Stock Photo Sites

Visually appealing professional photographs are always needed for websites, flyers, and other marketing materials. Unless you are an expert photographer with a massive database of photos, you will most likely need to find other resources to obtain professional looking photos.


9 Free Tools to Convert Documents to PDFs


Did you know there are many advantages converting documents such as Word or PowerPoint to PDFs? When a file is converted to a PDF it is usually compressed, resulting in a smaller file. Files saved as PDFs are self-contained and can be shared easily.  The recipient does not need to have the same program or hardware that the original file was created in. PDFs make it easy to transmit files between computers and mobile devices that have different applications.

An added feature is that most PDF programs also allow you to put on extra security measures such as watermarks, passwords, or data encryption.


Why is the American Translators Association (ATA)'s Certification exam still being given on paper?

The opinions or views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions, recommendations, or official position of the Translation Journal editors.

Translation Journal Gabe Bokor


The first version of this article was to appear in the April 2006 issue of the Translation Journal. Before its intended publication I showed it to ATA President Marian Greenfield for corrections of any error of fact and for comments; she in turn showed it to members of the Board and other individuals involved in the Certification Program. None was able to pinpoint any error of fact; nevertheless, I edited a few passages where, according to the President, I was expressing my subjective opinions. In the last minute, I decided to withhold publication.


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