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Translation Journal Update | January 30, 2015


I hope you are all experiencing awesomeness so far in 2015!

I’m back in the office again and thrilled to resume our weekly emails that will keep you apprised of updates to the Translation Journal website and supply you with information from across the Internet useful to translators and interpreters.

I am passionate about providing translators and interpreters with the tools and resources they need to become more knowledgeable and more successful. And I take great pleasure in helping the Translation Journal online community grow so that we can help each other learn more about the industry and ourselves. Together, we can become more productive, more valuable to our clients, and more prosperous, both financially and personally.

And yes, it’s been a long time since I emailed.

Why was my break so long? Simply put: I was exhausted! It was a hectic year for me as the director of a translation and interpreting company. I was also immersed in other activities such as organizing a charity event in October, not to mention taking care of my terrific family (three daughters and one husband).

For my break, I estimated that one month away from my crazy work schedule would be sufficient for me to recharge; however, that one month somehow stretched into two!

But I didn’t completely hibernate or retreat into the woods with no phone, Internet, or TV. I still managed my duties at the translation company (though with reduced hours) and pursued activities related to the Translation Journal.

I also enjoyed a variety of non-work-related activities. I travelled to the USA (I currently live in Australia), where I stayed in Florida and participated in fun activities such as indoor sky diving, kayaking, bike riding, and tennis. I visited museums, Disneyworld, a zoo, and even went on a three-day cruise. (As an aside, cruise life is not for me.)

You may be thinking, “What does this have to do with translation and interpreting? I didn’t subscribe to read about this stuff.”

Thank you for staying with me! My point is that now, in retrospect, I can see that I needed a break even more desperately than I realized at the time. I was caught up in the everyday hustle and bustle, working long yet unproductive hours, my work-life balance – usually so important to me – completely out of alignment. (Perhaps you can relate?)

But as a result of my much-needed break, I can once again resume a full workload feeling off-the-charts ecstatic, focused, and energized in all areas of my work and personal life!

How about you? Did you recently take time off to relax and enjoy some non-work-related activities? If you haven’t done so already, taking a break might be just what you need to take on 2015. Once recharged, you will be better able to secure new clients, jumpstart your work, and enjoy life.

This year, we at the Translation Journal aim to provide you with even more valuable content, such as articles, videos, discounts and freebies and hangouts online. I’d like to know more about the information you are seeking and to understand the issues you may be struggling with, so please feel free to email me at I’d also love to hear your stories about how you spend your time away from work!

Last but not least, the January 2015 edition of the Translation Journal is hot off the press! Click here to check it out.

And if you don’t have time to read the Journal right now, no problem. We will update you with highlights of the articles and authors each week.

It’s great to be back – I hope your week is off the charts!


Karen Hodgson

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