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15 Free Stock Photo Sites

15 Free Stock Photo Sites

Visually appealing professional photographs are always needed for websites, flyers, and other marketing materials. Unless you are an expert photographer with a massive database of photos, you will most likely need to find other resources to obtain professional looking photos.

Listed below are 15 photography sites that are repositories of free photos. By using these sites, you have access to a huge selection of high-quality and high-resolution photos. Most of the sites have categories or effective ability to search by keywords, which makes it easy to find just the right photo. This capability is a massive time saver.

In addition, these sites contain photos that are royalty free, protecting you from copyright issues and potential legal problems. The most notable benefit is that you can obtain gorgeous photographs professionally created by photographers and designers. 

Here is a list of free or low-cost services:

1. Thestocks.im is an absolutely outstanding site. Here you will find links to 15 different stock photo sites all in one place. The site contains gorgeous pictures free to download. Be sure to check out Unsplash.com. is an absolutely outstanding site. Here you will find links to 15 different stock photo sites all in one place. The site contains gorgeous pictures free to download. Be sure to check out Unsplash.com.

2.  Unsplash.com - has a collection of free high-resolution photos and is growing in accolades as being one of the best sources for stock images. Sign up for their email subscription to receive ten new stock images every ten days straight to your inbox. It's easy to view and save these photos to your PC.

3Deathtothestockphoto.com - Similar to Unsplash, each month receive high-quality images delivered to your inbox. The photos can be used for commercial purposes such as your website and marketing materials, as well as for social accounts.

4. Morguefile.com - has a vast selection of free images in a variety of niches. You can quickly search for photos by most popular, recent, or most downloads. 

5. Freestockphotos.com - offers a wide variety of stock images you can use anywhere. You can search for related keywords on the site, making it easier for you to find what you’re looking for. Interpreters and translators: take note of stock photos of locations such as Athens, Egypt, Israel, and Rome. Be sure to note the terms of use, as users must credit or link back to the website. 

6. Pixaby.com - This site contains stunning public domain photos: over 370K free photos, vectors or art illustrations that can be used to put on business websites, flyers, and other materials. View the Editor’s Choice section or Latest Images for some dynamite looking photos.

7. Stokpic.com - another site with fabulous photos and an email sign-up to receive ten photos every two weeks. The site is organized by latest 100, favorites, and categories. Apart from variety, you’ll also get artistic, modern and vibrant images. 

8. Freedigigitalphotos.net - This website offers a contemporary updated website that’s easy and fun to navigate around. You can register for the website and upload or download images. The great thing about it is that it offers a comprehensive range of subjects and different photos because most of the photos are user-uploaded. 

 9. Freeimages.com - has over 410K stock photos in its database, with hundreds more just pending for upload. The site is straightforward and easy to use. It has registered users that upload stock images. If you are interested in a particular user who uploads stock photos, it is easy to find and follow that user. Also, you can also search photos by country or city.

 10. Lifeofpix.com - Life of Pix is a great site if you’re looking for images that are modern-looking. The site provides captivating images of nature, people, business and other subjects for easy download. Pictures are high-resolution and all are public domain donated. The site is updated weekly. 

 11. Picjumbo.com - Pic Jumbo is a great website for stock photos. Pictures can be used for commercial and personal use and are optimized and ready for Photoshop. Tags make it easier for users to find photos through searches. In addition, users can uploaded their own photos, offering even more personal and intimate pictures.

 12. Imcreator.com/free - IM Creator gives you great stock photos all for commercial use. All photos are arranged on the website in an organized manner. This allows you to find what you’re looking for by category. Stock image buttons are also available to download.

 13. Nos.twnsnd.co - If you are looking for old time vintage photos, this is your stock photo site. The vintage photos on the site come from old public archives and are authentic. They guarantee that all their images are free of known copyright restrictions. Find photos that are of past USA presidents, astronauts, the war, pictures of city streets and people and other important world events. Some are quirky photos and a sheer pleasure to see.

 14. Lockandstockphotos.com - Lock and Stock photos have everything from the quirky to the classic. You’ll feel that their photos are more intimate and personalized, unlike most stock photo websites that offer a lot of generic photographs. Here you’ll find unique images on a variety of subjects.

 15. Jaymantri.com - Jay Mantri releases seven new images every Thursday: unique, artsy photos. You’ll find a variety of subjects here. He releases them under the creative commons license and they are free to use for personal or commercial purposes.

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