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Translation Journal Update | October 24, 2014


Here’s what you will find in the Translation Journal Email Update for this week.

  1. How to join us online for a Google Hangout
  2. Contributor Spotlight- Leonard J. Meraw
  3. Fire Ants & Worker Bee Post

Join Us Online in a Google Hangout


What is it?

A one-hour session online addressing issues relating to the translation and interpreting industry.

How does it work?

  • Send your gmail address to .
  • Go online, go to your Google Plus account and log into Google Hangouts.
  • At our designated time you will receive a call in Google Hangouts linking all participants
  • Click on the call and you will be in the Hangout with other participants.
  • You are free to talk, ask questions, or just listen. It’s up to you.
  • It’s free

When is it?

Our first session will be on Monday, 27th October

Check your time zone here:

Sydney, Australia: 7:00am Tuesday 28th October
London, UK 9:00pm Monday, 27th October
Chicago, USA 3:00pm, Monday 27th October

If you are interested to join in or if this time does not work for you….email

Recent Contributor Spotlight- Green Chemistry Vocabulary

Written by Leonard J. Meraw

Green Chemistry Vocabulary

Over the course of the last decade, the media has coined seemingly countless expressions using green as an adjective. Leonard Meraw's document clarifies some common misconceptions, adequately explain several technical concepts, and provide a unique reference for green chemistry terminology. Click here to read full article.

Fire Ants & Worker Bee written by Chris Durban

Fire Ants and Worker Bee

Dear FA&WB

I have had a successful medical translation freelance business since 2007. I have never had any collection issues until now. I want to hear your opinion on my current situation.

My problem client is a smallish agency. They send me fairly repetitive clinical work and don’t ask for Trados rebates. I charge my normal word rate. Thanks to the repetitive work, my experience and my CAT tool I can be very productive and my hourly income is excellent. They have been my client for the last two years and are in my top 10 list income-wise.

The problem is that this year their payments have been late. I have to send e-mail reminders. They don’t want to talk with me over the phone. My last check was half of what was mutually agreed. I am suspecting that they may have cash flow issues but cannot be sure.

Should I keep this client or cut my losses and find another?

Stiffed in Boston

Dear Stiffed,

Confirmation: late, partial payments are a bad sign. If this client is one of your Top Ten you should start looking for a replacement now.

Not that you should let current outstandings evaporate. You say they are a smallish agency, possibly a one-man show or a mom & pop shop, in which case illness or family issues may be an explanation. In that case, cutting them some slack now might pay off later, but only if you do manage to establish contact and sort things out.

Are they in your area or within reasonable geographic reach? Depending on your annual sales, it might be worth planning a trip—making the pretext a professional event or meeting with another client (real or imaginary) in their town—and stopping in for a sit-down. At the very least, this could boost your rank on their list of creditors. Face time is an excellent way to get an inside track on whether their problems are temporary or terminal.


For more of Fire Ants & Worker Bee click here.

Have a great weekend!!

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