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Translation Journal Update | November 21, 2014


This past week, on November 15-16, Brisbane, Australia hosted the ninth meeting of the G-20 heads of government. So much was happening in and around Brisbane before and during the big event.

I received updates from my Brisbane-based clients who witnessed massive dust clouds created by the remarkable custom-built US Marine Corp helicopters as they practiced taking off and landing in grassland. I heard about the intense, and although necessary, often disruptive, security measures and road closures and restrictions placed on Brisbane residents. As well as the pleasantly unexpected stories, such as an Angel Merkel sighting as she strolled down Caxton Street, a popular nightspot in Brisbane which is home to eight bars and pubs. She was in a great mood and stopped and talked with patrons and even participated in a few selfies. Way to go, Angela!

After the G20 Summit event, I had the pleasure to speak with several interpreters who participated in bilateral meetings, sitting within a distance of a meter from World Leaders including Vladimir Putin, Chinese President Xi Jinping, and World Bank President, Jim Yong Kim. I look forward to interviewing these interpreters on video and to share these recordings with you. We can all benefit from their experiences and get a first hand glimpse into the world of high level interpreting.

Here are a few recent additions to the Translation Journal website:

Ebooks: More free e-books have been uploaded. Here’s a link:

Recent Contributor Spotlight:

“The Role of Audiovisual Translation in the Implementation of Language Policies in Cameroon”
Written by Dr Ayonghe Lum Suzanne

Ayonghe Lum Suzanne

Cameroon is a multilingual country with about 286 indigenous languages, one lingua franca (Cameroon Pidgin English) and two official languages (English and French). Inter-ethnic and intercultural linguistic communication among people in a country with such a diversity of languages it is accordingly a problem. Audiovisual translation (AVT) which is the translation of any material in audio, visual or audiovisual format such as subtitling can be used to bridge this communication gap between people with diverse languages and cultures. Click here to read more.

How to Send Large Files

Have you ever had trouble sending a file attachment by email and wondered why? Chances are the file was too large. Most mail servers have size limitations for both incoming and outgoing files, with a maximum of about 20 MB. Here is an article on “How to Send Large Files”. Click here.

Congratulations to Chris Durban’s landslide victory elected to American Translators Association Board of Directors.

Here are the results of the November elections for ATA Director:
Chris Durban: 321 votes
Geoff Koby: 211 votes
Madalena Sánchez Zampaulo: 156 votes.

I wish you all the best! Have a great week.

I'm so excited today I fly to North America-- first to Denver, then to Chicago and finally Cocoa Beach, Florida. I will stay until late January. If you are interested in meeting up for a coffee, email me at

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