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Thanksgiving Gratitude: All Year Round



Thanksgiving Gratitude

This week we celebrated Thanksgiving in the USA. Most people living outside of the USA know about Thanksgiving as a day in which families and friends gather to consume way too much turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie before relaxing for hours in front of the TV watching football, with the day often ending in a bitter fight among drunken family and friends. All kidding aside, while that scene sometimes plays out, it usually only occurs after we have shared with each other what we are thankful for.

Many countries including Canada, China, Brazil, and Korea have a similar day of gratitude. Expressing gratitude all year round and not just on one day can improve one’s physical and emotional state. Several research studies have found that when we think about someone or something that we appreciate, the feeling that goes with that thought triggers a calming sense of well-being. Expressing gratitude is good for the giver, too. The studies have found that expressing gratitude can improve cholesterol and diminish stress, depression, and anxiety, which can in turn lead to better sleep and relaxation. Gratitude is good medicine!


Testimonials: What to Include and How to Display


Testimonials give you the opportunity to provide proof about your services. Make it easy for potential clients to see what others are saying about you and your company by adding testimonials to your website and marketing materials.


Fire Ant & Worker Bee


Dear Fire Ant & Worker Bee,

I am fortunate enough to belong to a small informal group whose members include some of the most high-profile translators and interpreters in Norway and also undoubtedly some of the best. Not all are prospering to the same degree, however.


Translation Journal Update | November 21, 2014


This past week, on November 15-16, Brisbane, Australia hosted the ninth meeting of the G-20 heads of government. So much was happening in and around Brisbane before and during the big event.


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