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10 Apps Translators and Interpreters Must Download and Try

10 Apps

Translators and interpreters lead hectic lives, often work in different locations and traveling from one client to the next. As a result they heavily rely on their phones to access vital information.


Translation Journal Update | August 25, 2014

August 25 TJ Update

The Translation Journal is a work in progress. Highlights for this week include 20 new book recommendations and new Blog section on the website listing the articles for your reference.  This next article can be found in the Blog section of the TJ website.


How to Get Premium Rates for Your Services

How to Get Premium Rates

To get top dollar for your services, you need to be strategic about where you market yourself. You may be able to offer your usual services to a different audience and double or triple your income – without working more! There are, however, a few things to consider when strategically targeting clients.


How to Set Your Rate as a Freelance Translator

Freelance Translator

It’s the most common question I hear when talking with translators and interpreters: How much should I charge? The question comes from everywhere in the industry, from the recent graduate just starting out in a career in translation and interpreting to the seasoned professional who needs to renegotiate his or her rates with a client.


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