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January 2015 Issue

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Letter from the Editor


January 2015 Edition of the Translation Journal

It is with great pleasure that we present to you the January 2015 edition of the Translation Journal. This issue is quite diverse, both in subject matter and in language. Because our readership is global, so too are our articles, and we welcome and encourage more articles written in languages other than English.

In this edition, you will find articles written in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese—here is a just a sample of what this issue has to offer:

Our English language articles include “English for Translation Purposes: Straddling the Challenge,” by Paula Liendo; “An Assessment of the Audiovisual Translation Landscape in Cameroon,” by Ayonghe Lum Suzanne; “Using pastiche as a stylistic exercise for patents translation,” by Françoise Herrmann, Ph.D; and “Travelling abroad as means of enhancing English communicative skills” by Julia Morozova.

The first of two articles in French, “Qui seront les futurs specialistes/professionnels de traduction/interpreriat dans les universites nigerianes?” by AFOLABI, discusses the future of preparing Nigerian university students for a careers in translation and interpreting as the demand for these jobs increases in Nigeria.

The second French-language article, “Perspectives des apprenants de la traduction par rapport aux valeurs sémantiques et,” by Chidi Nnamdi Igwe, identifies the difficulties that apprentice translators encounter and the role that culture plays in the ability to provide accurate translations.

In our Spanish contribution, “Autoevaluación y Evaluación Interpares en el Desarrollo y Mejora de la Habilidad de Expresión Escrita en Lengua Inglesa,” Cecilia Robleda provides insights into a project carried out in Universitat Jaume I in Castellón, Spain, aimed to develop students’ writing skills in English.

And our final LOTE (language other than English) article, “Grupos nominais expandidos na linguagem médica alemã e respetivos equivalentes em português,” written by Katrin Herget and Teresa Alegre in Portuguese, explores the possibility of the expansion of nominal groups via attributes that can be appended to the core. Nominal groups (“Nominalgruppe” in German) condense large amounts of information into very few words, requiring those translating from German into Portuguese or other Romance languages to perform extensive syntactical reformulation.

In addition to these articles, you will also find a contribution by Translation Journal founder Gabe Bokor about how euphemisms are used in business, politics, and other areas to mask the actual meaning of certain words in order to sell a product.

Also in this issue, regular contributor Chris Durban (author of the ongoing advice column “Fire Ant and Worker Bee”) provides insights into issues that many translators and interpreters have in common. She was recently appointed president of the American Translators Association—congratulations, Chris!

I hope you enjoy these articles as well as the other offerings available here on the Translation Journal website.

All the best, and enjoy!

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