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What is Good Translation?

To make good translation, certain factors should be taken in to consideration. However, some scholars have put forward some recommendations in this respect. As cited in Miremadi (1993:74) the French scholar Dolet (1509:1546) suggests that, in order to produce an adequate translation, a translator should, "avoid the tendency to translate word for word’’, since word for word translation, as Dolet explains,’’ misinterprets the original content and spoils beauty of its form’’ Another important factor that leads to a fine translation is that the translated text in the TL should reflect the spirit of the original at the expense of the letter. In support to this view point, Edwards (1957:13) argues that approximate truth should be expected in translation which should   bring the truest possible feel of the original. Knox (1957:5) goes in line with these viewpoints pointing out that translation should be "read with some interest and enjoyment which is reading of the original would have afforded". Therefore, it seems that both Edwards (1957) and Knox (1957) believe in "equivalent effect" as criterion of good translation Foster (1958:6) substantiates more the aforementioned views by saying that the only good translation is one which conveys the same purpose in the TL as the SL does.


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