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The Guide to Translation and Localization : Preparing Products for the Global Marketplace

This fourth edition of The Guide to Translation and Localization provides an overview of the many steps to take to bring products to the global marketplace. This book began
as a means to educate clients on the processes of translation and localization. The high demand for the first edition of the book led to the publication of the second edition. This book was updated and then published for a wider distribution. As the industry evolved, the award-winning third edition with LISA (the Localisation Industry Standards Association) was published in 2000. Once again, the latest trends in our industry is with the fourth edition.
This book is a compendium of articles written by employees of Lingo Systems. It is a combined forces to provide guidance on each aspect of the localization industry: from procuring localization services to understanding software user interface and Web site localization. This
book is intended to be fun for, providing an overview of each aspect of the translation and localization process. To provide detailed information on all of these topics would take thousands of pages and not be particularly useful to the “newcomer” to localization.The easy-to-read guide shows how one can successfully approach a document translation or software localization project without you having to become an expert.

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