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Mapping best multilingual business practices in the EU

This is the final report of the ‘Study on best multilingual business practices in the EU’,
conducted by Bureau van Dijk Information Management for the Directorate General for
Translation in the European Commission.
The study maps best multilingual business practices in European undertakings and presents
a set of recommendations based on the identification of case studies in individual companies
and an overview of multilingual business strategies in the European Union.
The objectives of the study are to:
>analyse best practices for multilingualism in European companies taking into
account the need to target new customers and new markets and also to build lasting
strategic relationships;
>identify the benefits of those best practices for European companies and European
institutions for future reference with a view to improving economic activity.
The expected results of the study are twofold: the identification of best practices in
multilingual business in European countries; and the definition of recommendations based
on case studies in individual companies.

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