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Contribution de la traduction à la société multilingue dans l’Union européenne

Economic, cultural, legal and political dimensions of translation in the EU, and different countries’ perceptions of translation. Translation (transposing a text from one language into another) unquestionably plays a major role in today’s world (daily life, information, interaction, cultural and economic activities, etc.) – and that role is growing with globalization and the consequent proliferation of interactions in which the partners speak different languages. In an ordinary day, a European citizen may drink coffee imported from Peru, on which the label has been translated, read an article in a newspaper translated by a news agency, check his or her emails on a localized interface installed on a computer with a localized operating system, read a translated Finnish novel in the bus or tube, operate a machine tool at work, of which the manual is translated, use an automatic translation website to obtain up-to-date news on events in Iceland, go home to watch a TV series with subtitles, and so on. This publication discusses that unquestionable importance of translation in our everyday life.

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