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Artem Nedrya

Question and Answer

  • What is your name?
    • Artem Nedrya
  • Where do you live?
    • Jersey City, New Jersey USA
  • What made you decide to become a translator or interpreter?
    • The desire to have no bosses over me, the need for a steady income
  • List one strength that you think sets you apart from your colleagues.
    • Patience, Creativity
  • Name the one thing that you most enjoy in your translating or interpreting career.
    • Freedom of working where and when I need
  • We all have worked on those not-so-perfect assignments. Write about one such assignment that was not ideal and what you learned from it.
    • When done translating a complex PT presentation, a CAT tool saved my work in a "soup" of skewed formatting. I had to spend almost 2 hours fixing that and missed the deadline. TAKE-AWAY: Allow extra time in case of any technology kinks.
  • If you could go back in time to when you were just starting out as a translator or interpreter, what advice would you give to your younger self?
    • Either I don't have that vantage point yet, or I have done nearly at the top of my abilities and I am lucky to tell I don't know what would I have changed.
  • Name one resource – such as a phone app, CAT tool, website, and so forth – that you find especially helpful in your translating or interpreting work.
    • My personal glossary
  • What's the best book you've read this year?
    • Introduction to Russian-English Translation
      by Natalia Strelkova



This text provides Russian-English translators with essential tools needed to improve their translation skills.
Russian is the most widely-spoken Slavic language, and its 280 million speakers make it the fifth most-spoken language in the world. Seven chapters cover topics such as: The Translation Process, What is Accuracy?, How Professionals Maneuver around Difficulties, Achieving Readability and Notes on Everyday Russian Culture, among others.

This practical, hands-on book is suited for anyone involved in Russian-English translation, including professional translators, interpreters, and advanced students. The emphasis on translating journalistic idiom and the conversational Russian of everyday life, plus dozens of examples and practice exercises, prepare the user for the day-to-day work of translating and editing.

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