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Talking Your Language -- Anywhere – Anytime

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CHICAGO, IL – 5/29/2017 — The importance of the translators of the spoken word (interpreters) continues to increase across courts, health care, community organizations, immigration, defence, tourism, trade, conferences and business call centers. The challenges of serving those who speak languages other than English are great, however rapid advances in technology and ‘qualified professional crowdsourcing’ has led to some of the most significant improvements in service delivery in past twenty years. Translationz is pleased to announce the release of the interpreter services platform to meet the needs of language interpreting.


Old or New Technology – It still works

Traveling around the US, there are areas that do not have the latest technology; some do not have great internet access or even have cell phone reception. Clients can still use the solution by calling into their platform using landlines and connect to their language of choice. For those areas that have the latest technology, the access is available via an App on your IOS or Android device, smart phones and tablets and also PCs.

On-site, Telephone, and Video Options

Clients need choices on the best channel(s) to serve their industry. The interpreting platform centralizes the booking and management of your language professionals. You can book your onsite interpreters, or click to call on video and telephone interpreting options. Video options do need high-speed internet and are tested at client’s premises before implementation.


Integrating with your existing call center solutions, telehealth technology, and other technology is available through the API.

Qualified interpreters: More opportunities

While the interpreting platform already has a significant number of interpreters on the available, Translationz is continuing to screen and qualify new applicants around the world for contract interpreting jobs. If interested, please visit our website.

About Translationz Corp

Translationz Corp is a leading provider of language services in the USA. Translationz provides translation services, interpreting services, and interpreting equipment rental to the client in the USA and around the world. With clients in legal, medical, insurance, government, defence, technology, immigration and conference industries, Translationz aims to connect the world.

For further information contact:

Esther Nichol


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Media Contact
Company Name: Translationz Corp
Contact Person: Esther Nichol
Phone: 1-888-998-8840
Country: United States

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