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My trip to Dubai

My Trip to Dubai

When preparing for my trip to Dubai, I searched through a lot of information (both which was given on travel agencies sites and when reading reviews of those people who had already been there). Even though I looked through almost a million of tourist sites, I still had to look for some information when I got there. So I really wanted to put it all together, and hopefully I can help someone in their journey too.

My Trip to Dubai 1

Where to live? If you turn to find a Marina hotel in Dubai, do not hesitate, because it's just great. This is a new area with skyscrapers and comfortable pedestrian zone and of course with its own private beach (but this hotel is not the center). Jumeirah hotel is expensive but with excellent service, and a big plus is that it is the center of the city, so you can quickly get to the main tourist attractions. Deira hotel is also fine. If you walk around this area, you will find a bunch of shops with Chinese consumer goods (but you should keep in mind the ratio between the price and quality).

My Trip to Dubai 2

Public transport. Do not be afraid of it, in Dubai it is just gorgeous. Yes, you will see a lot of taxi around, but such trip goes to ten times more expensive than using public transport, so take them only in exceptional cases. But I must say, taxi service here is great too, no one will try to trick you. But as for me, metro is the best option. It is suitable for all purposes of the tourists; itis inexpensive, clean, friendly andsafe. 

My Trip to Dubai 3

Clothes. Of course, tourists do not bother and wear that clothes which is convenient for them. But you will be more comfortable if your shoulders are covered with something and the knees too. I felt not very well in my mini in the street. And I must admit that in Dubai it is crazy hot, even when it is considered to be winter (I went there at the end of February). So the only thing that helps is air conditioning at big shopping centers, transport and hotels.

Food. There is a popular fast-food restaurant network called Golden Fork in the area near Deira hotel. You can have a meal there quickly and portions are just huge! So if you're a girl, be ready that you will not be able to eat the whole dish. So it is better to take one dish for two. In general, the national food is lula kebab and shawarma, you can also try hummus paste. There is not an abundance of fruit and seafood, but you can eat very tasty food which is not very expensive.

My Trip to Dubai 4

Excursions. I'm not a big fan of excursions, because most of the time you just have to look quickly at everything out of the window. Therefore, most of the places I visited on my own. If you're not prepared for the trip, you should take a tour. As in all major cities, there runs the tourist double-decker bus. The map of its route you can find in every hotel. You can get on and off during the day and have some time for yourself. What I do recommend is safari, you should certainly visit it! The program includes a trip to the desert, communication with the camels, riding down to the dunes, camel riding and dinner.

My Trip to Dubai 5

Markets in Dubai. Many of them are different, so you should check them out for sure. Certainly impressive are Gold Market and Spice Market. Do not try to search for them on the map, it is better to ask locals, they are all very friendly and will certainly help. The Gold Market and the Spice Market are located near the bay. The prices are good and the quality too.

Bar Dubai. If you want to see the historical part of the city, it is very easy. Reach the bay, and then for 1 dirham a very authentic boat will carry you to the other side to the place of your destination. You can return the same way. On the other side there will be a market. It is impossible not to be tempted and not to buy some scarves. And then you will see mosque. So you can walk along and then return to your hotel.

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