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How Freelance Translators should use LinkedIn to generate business

LinkedIn to Generate Business for Freelancer

LinkedIn for Translators

Freelance translators in the U.S. are about to gain another tool for growing their businesses. LinkedIn and social media marketing in general have already proved to be extremely valuable marketing tools, and now LinkedIn is rolling out its new ProFinder tool, which will provide freelance translators with even more opportunities.

Technology is changing everything, and while keeping up with new technological trends can sometimes be difficult, it is crucial to stay informed. For example, as a translator, you need to be aware of the rapid advances in machine translation technology and how this technology will change the way you work in the future. While some advances in technology may seem to pose a threat to translators, others should be viewed as opportunities.

The new ProFinder tool from LinkedIn is definitely one of those opportunities, particularly for freelance translators. Of course, there will still continue to be a place for a translation company (my translation agency) due to our project management, client management, multi-language capabilities and quality assurance processes. However, LinkedIn is providing an unprecedented opportunity for translators to build their independent businesses.

A freelance marketplace specifically for translation services is unique. Platforms such as FreelancerUpWorkFiverr and others have marketplaces that accommodate translators, but LinkedIn’s new ProFinder tool will bring independent translators into the mainstream.

What do you need to do?

Just like any other social media channel, LinkedIn will utilize a set of calculations (algorithms) that will determine who is presented in the results of any given search. Preliminary research finds that the following variables will assist you both in appearing in the initial search and in ultimately being selected. As with all algorithms, the variables will be updated, but the following steps should stand the test of time and help you in your marketing efforts.

Review and update your profile

Take time to fine-tune your profile. Start by asking the following questions:

  • Does your current title accurately reflect the role you play in your freelance projects? The default title is “translator,” but try adding more detailed specialization information such as “Translator – Marketing and Localization Expert for Chinese Market.”
  • Are you presenting yourself as either too specialized or too general? 
  • Would a potential buyer looking at your profile think that you are the perfect fit for their assignment?

Ensure that your skills are updated

Check to make sure that your skills support your updated title information. And while this may seem obvious, ensure that you have “Translation" listed as one of your skills. Actively seek out endorsements for your skills.

Freelance Translator in LinkedIn

Continue to accrue recommendations

Recommendations will help get you more work, so you should continuously request recommendations in LinkedIn to build up the strength of your profile. To request recommendations, 1) go to the top right corner of your LinkedIn home page and click on “your icon”;  2) click on “Manage Privacy and Settings”; 3) under “Settings” in the right-hand column, click on “Manage your Recommendations.”

Expand your network and contacts on LinkedIn

An extensive network will amplify the power of all of the previous recommendations. We all know and have worked with people who are not in our LinkedIn network. My number-one tip for inviting these individuals to connect is to make sure that you personalize your invitation message to them. You will have better results and continue to build your relationship with them at the same time.

Freelance Translator Business

Post on Pulse

Pulse is the main social news source on LinkedIn, and it allows you to publish articles just like this one. A list of your articles will be one of the first things that your potential clients see when they go to your page, so be sure to write articles that demonstrate your skills.

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