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Batalhas de um Tradutor Iniciante

Batalhas de um Tradutor Iniciante

In 2013 "Batalhas de um Tradutor Iniciante", by rookie author Ana Honrado was published as an e-book and in print. The book, which can be purchased through Bubok online and in local bookstores, is the first published work of this young author, who began working on this project over 11/2 years ago and who saw in the self-publishing platform Bubok the opportunity to finally realize this great adventure. "Batalhas de um Tradutor Iniciante" is a book that will appeal to translators but especially to future industry professionals who appreciate the genre.

About the book:

There are few people who can fulfill the dream of working in the area that they love.

I do not remember ever having wanted to be anything other than a translator, I do not know when exactly I began to dream of the day when I would be "accepted" as a translator, but I know that many years ago that dream became mine.

While growing up I was always interested in foreign languages, the meaning of words and the power that translation and different cultures have on people's lives.

I travelled in order to meet other people, cultures, languages and ways of being that would influence my way of seeing others and my work. I find it interesting that there is a language common to all member states of the European Union despite the fact that today I understand that that's not enough.

I had the opportunity to work with people from different cultures in different aspects, and it taught me that even though we have differences that make us unique, and that our mother tongue is and will always be a part of who we are, I also believe that the translator has his/her own culture, and, as an actor, wears the vest of "others" in times when translating for different people in different languages. This is because each culture has its own way of being, acting and making itself heard.

Today, better than ever, I understand the honor of working with a product that influences people's lives, and not only the lives of other people, but my life and that of my friends. Working as a translator, in a way, is to work on my own behalf.

Fact Sheet:

Title: “Batalhas de um tradutor iniciante”
Author: Ana Honrado
Publisher: edição de autor - Bubok
Nr. of pages: 134
Price: €9.59 (E-Book) €13.15 (Paper)

Shops where the book is available:

Bubok, in BRAGA (100ª PÁGINA, Livraria Minho), COIMBRA (Lapis De Memoria), LEIRIA (Livraria Boa Leitura), LISBON (Fabula Urbis, Jade Livrarias)

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Transcript of conversation with Anna Honrado. Ana is Author of book "Batalhas de um tradutor iniciante" English: "Battles of a beginners translator".

Karen: Hi everyone, this is Karen Hodgson. I’m here with Anna Honrado. And she is a recently published author and she is going to talk to us a little bit about her book. Hi Anna, welcome!

Anna: Hello Karen, thank you very much.

Karen: Great! So please tell us a little bit about you.

Anna: Okay. So, as you said, my name Is Anna Honrado. I am a Portuguese translator. I live in Portugal as well. I live in Lisbon. I have 9 years as a translator. And I published a book last year. I can show you here. It’s called “Batalhas de um tradutor iniciante” which in English is translated by “Battles of a beginners translator”. Actually, I’m in the process of translating the book into English. So more people could have more access to it as well.

Karen: Great! And you’re doing the translation on the book, is that right?

Anna: Yes, I am. A bit slowly because I don’t have much time at the moment. I have a whole (…) I am on the going for it.

Karen: Okay, terrific. So tell us a little bit about your book. What is it about?

Anna: Okay, so the book is a compilation basically of some stories or some situations that happened to me. And also some things that we can try to do in order to help us achieve a better quality in our work. So I speak about those trends, I speak about social networking. I also speak about the beginnings of translation, like the translation of the Bible. So I speak a little bit about everything related to the field more or less. From my point of view, of course.

Karen: And do you give tips and tricks on translation? Can you explain a little bit more about that?

Anna: In a way, yes, in some chapters. For example, in the chapter of (…) friends, I give some tips that helped me in the process sometimes of translating. For example, let’s see, there is an expression which is “hold your horses”, which cannot be translated literally. I speak a little bit about these sorts of situations and how can we actually achieve a good translation for the target public more or less.

Karen: Right. So like this “hold your horses”, the locals would understand what “hold your horses” means but when you’re translating, that may be a little bit difficult for the translator and that’s ultimately what you want to achieve.

Anna: Exactly, of course. Every language has little tricks. So we ask to try that into these language. What “hold your horses” means. I mean don’t “hold your horses” literally.

Karen: Do you give tips and tricks like how to go about in translating that?

Anna: In a way, yes. I also speak how I normally do it. Instead of situations, as you know, it takes a lot of time for a translator. It’s like poetry. We take a lot of time translating poetry because it has to be perfect.  In a way, I give some tips that helped me in the past in doing this sort of translation because I started in literary translation, my background is literary. Now I work a lot in technical translations. More or less it was literary. So I know a bit about these tricks.

Karen: That’s interesting. You started out in literary translation. That’s a field that a lot of people are interested. They like that field. It draws a lot of interest on the translation journal. Do you want to talk about that a little bit more?

Anna: Sure, of course. When I finished my degree in 2007, I was invited by my university to be a part of their projects in translating some books for one of the biggest (...) companies in Portugal which is called (…). I was really fortunate to be able to have a great portfolio at the beginning of my career. It helped me a lot achieving other clients because in 2008 I had already a lot translated. It was great. It gave me a lot of baggage.

Karen: A lot of that experience that you have had in the literary translation has probably come across in the book, right? Things that you’ve learned doing literary translations you were able to write about that in your book as well, is that right?

Anna:  Of course. It also gave me a bit of that passion to write the book. I started writing this book by accident because I started writing some topics for a future blog. Just then, I realized that I might publish it as a book. In a way, it helped me, my background as a literary translator, helped me a bit writing this book, of course.

Karen: Great. Did you write the book, like writing every day? What was your process of writing the book?

Anna: At that time, I was working as a part time translator and in a company as well. I was working that time in a company. And I was working in part time as a freelance translator so I didn’t have much time to write. In a way, I was writing in part time as well. So I got home and I started to write 2-3 hours a day. So it took me a while to write the book. But it was fun. It was really fun actually.

Karen: But that’s dedication really commitment because it’s not easy to write a book. It seems like you had to go at it every single day, write a couple of hours a day to keep it going.

Anna: You learn a lot because I had to search quite a lot about the field. We never know how much we don’t know. You actually do search, we read lots and we search and we actually understand the beginning of things.

Karen: Could you talk a little bit more of other things that are found in the book? Other tips and tricks, other chapters that you talked about?

Anna: I also talked about how a translator can promote themselves. That’s why I speak about social networking, because nowadays social networking is really important. Not only to promote the work and the translator, but also to connect with other translators. Because it’s really important to share experiences. Because we never know enough. There’s always something that escapes. Maybe someone else knows that, someone else can (…) this already. Let’s share experiences. Let’s not fight against each other. Let’s go together.

Karen: So you recommend going to conferences? Or what would you recommend how will people connect with each other?

Anna: In our field it’s a bit complicated because we are spread all over the world. But since we are all in the same field, most speak English. We can connect really easily. Internet is a great way to connect with people. Yes, I also believe if we have the opportunity to go to conferences, even in our country or in other countries, we can and we should. It’s great to meet people in person and discuss situations and share experiences. Actually, I’m going next week to Brazil. I was invited by the association de (…) to promote my book. I’m going to be a speaker at the conference. I’m really excited about it. It’s my first time as a speaker. Let’s see, let’s all (...).

Karen: Excellent. Sounds great. Writing this book has given you some speaking opportunities, it seems like. It’s leading on to speaking opportunities.

Anna: Getting the opportunity to promote myself would be better, in a way. I’ve been able to contact some people and share my book share my experience so in a way it’s given me a lot of openings.

Karen: Great. What recommendations would you give other translator or interpreters who are thinking about writing a book? What are your tips and tricks or recommendations on how they should go about writing a book?

Anna: What I would say is first of all, “why do you want to write a book?” Do you want to share something with someone? If so, if it’s something that someone else will be interested in reading and then if so, start writing it. Go ahead. If it’s your passion just go ahead. Probably it would teach something to someone, or even to you. I learned a lot about translation with my book. It’s great even for ourselves. It always teaches something.

Karen: Fantastic. That’s great. Are you writing other books or blogs? You have other things going on as well?

Anna: At the moment, yes, I’m writing a new book. I will not say the title of the book yet. Because I want to promote it at the conference next week. But yes I am writing a new book. It’s a bit more relaxed one. It’s not a how to. it doesn’t give you tips on how to connect with other translators. It doesn’t speak about the backgrounds. It’s more of a funny book. It’s about what translator are, what we do, what family and friends think we do. Things that happen to us. It’s funny. It’s more of a light book for us to be reading at the train or when we go somewhere.

Karen: Excellent, sounds great. Where can people find your book and how can they purchase your book?

Anna: At the moment it is available on the internet at the publishing company website, which is called (…). You can also buy it in some Portuguese and some Spanish libraries. If not, the best way is through the internet.

Karen: Well, we will list those links on this page. Under this video we’ll have a link to where people can go out and buy your book

Anna: Sure, of course.

Karen: Terrific. Is there anything you’d like to say about writing in general? And some tips and tricks that translators could understand from what you’re bringing about in the book

Anna: Well, what can I say more? I’m not experienced yet I always (...) myself as a beginner. Because we always have something to learn. I don’t like to give advices to people because I believe I still have a lot of advices to be given to. Go ahead! Write a book and have fun doing it

Karen: But Anna you have 9 years of experience as a translator. You have a background in literary translation. So you have a lot to offer, a lot of things I know must have been poured out into that book. So, you have a great background that we can learn from. The book sounds terrific. I’m really looking forward to seeing more success with that. And good luck on your speaking engagement. I’m sure the book will bring a lot of insights and be very helpful to a lot of people out there.

Anna: Thank you very much Karen.

Karen: Great, okay. Thank you for your time today and it was terrific talking to you and I hope to hear from you soon

Anna: Thank you very much, you too. Bye everyone.

Karen: Thank you. Bye.



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About Ana Honrado

Ana Honrado on Translation Journal

Ana Honrado describes herself as an amateur writer, who, when the opportunity came, published a book which took 18 months to write. The young writer finished it and released it online on Bubok. Ana is 29 years old and lives in Lisbon, the historical environment of the city greatly influencing the way she sees the world and therefore her writing.

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