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How to Tell Everyone About Your Services as a Freelance Translator

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Becoming a freelance translator is a great career aspiration. Translation is an industry that is in-demand. There are many people and businesses that need your services. 

The most important aspect of operating a business is effective marketing. If you do not spend time and effort attracting clients, your business will not flourish. 

There are no secret marketing techniques for freelance translators. The translation business is just like any other business when it comes to marketing. You have to put your skills in the marketplace in front of people who can use them. There are six ways to increase the visibility of your freelance translation business.

1. Share your business pursuits with every person you meet. There is a common phrase that rings true 'Closed mouths do not get fed'. Leave your shyness at the door. Be confident and proud as you share the benefits of your business.

2. Develop an online presence. Every business is expected to have a website. Your website should contain details about the types of services you provide and a blog that is frequently updated. Proudly display your accomplishments and find opportunities to promote your site.

3. Get referrals from friends, family and previous clients. Referrals are the lifeblood of any business. People who have successfully worked with you are eager to share your services with others. You should not wait for the client to provide the referral. You have to directly ask for it.

4. Continuously market your translation services to everyone you meet. Marketing is not a one and done event. It has to be something you do each day. In order to keep the client faucet flowing, marketing has to be done with consistency.

5. Get business cards professionally made and distribute them. Business cards will not attract any prospects for your business if you leave them in a box or your wallet. Make it a point to give out at least 10 business cards each day.

The goal of marketing your freelance translation business is to reach as many people as you can. It takes time to build business relationships. By using these strategies, you will attract clients for your business.

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