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PicMonkey is an amazing platform and website that allows people to make creative designs by providing the tools that are necessary for photo editing and graphic design. It is a tool that we use to create graphics

on the Translationjournal.net website as well as the TJ Facebook page.

PicMonkey can help you create and design fabulous pieces of print and web media. Whether you need something for your business or for personal use, PicMonkey can help you get it designed and styled!

The free membership plan is sufficient to get you started in creating magnificent designs. We needed a few more bells and whistles signed up for PicMonkey's Royale package plan. It's worth the low cost.

Here are some details on the available options:

          • Trial option packages are free for 30 day
          • With access to all images, fonts, backgrounds, and style elements.
          • All sign-ups and new members can try the Royale package for 30 days.
          • Full cost of Royale packages is $4.99 /month and is billed at the end of the month.
          • Or an annual Royale account for $33 /year.

  PicMonkey is a simple tool allows you to create personal and business designs and images, layout web and print material quickly and easily. The layout and platform system for PicMonkey is simple and easy to use. You have access to extensive images, fonts, backgrounds, design elements, style tools, in the free version, and options that can help you create and design just about anything you could ever imagine.

I've created a short tutorial that will show you how to can create a graphic in less than 4 minutes. By using one of your photos, I will show you how to crop, add text, put on your logo and save ready to upload to your website, Facebook page or where every your heart desires.

Give PicMonkey a try and then let the creativity flow, have fun designing and marvel at your handiwork!

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