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Professional Staffing Offsite

If you're a busy translator or interpreter and you would like the type of support that adds immense value to your business and improve its overall success.  Perhaps you need a bookkeeper to create invoices for you to bill your clients. Or you need a social media expert to manage your social accounts for you to continually attract leads and potential customers. 

The people at Professional Staffing Offsite can do this!

You no doubt know that to best way to leverage your business. Perhaps it is spending time with your clients, doing translation or interpreting work, or attending networking event.  There are project that only you can do.  You are best equipped to complete these assignment. These are the projects that best utilise your skills and will provide the most value to your business.

There are those other projects that need to be done. You find yourself spending countless hours on these task that you do not enjoy and are not best utilising your time and efforts. Tasks such as administrative, graphic design and bookkeeping can be managed by other people.  This will free up your time to concentrate on those critical tasks that only you can do to best leverage your business.

Sure, you might be able to find people on Elance to fill these roles. Professional Staffing Offsite is different.    We have a dedicated office in the Philippians.  We work together in one office.  We support each other and generally work as a team.  We provide a one-stop place to get all the specialised help you may need. By having a  dedicated office, you won’t experience a frequent problem with virtual help is that your help may leave you suddenly.  This would not happen with us at Professional Staffing Offsite due to our team-based client approach.

We offer a wide range of expertise including the following (and more!):
Bookkeeping, social media, graphics design, customer service, telephone support, database building, responding to emails, calendar management, appointment scheduling, making travel arrangements, creating spreadsheets and Powerpoint presentations, online research, writing articles, website work. Etc.

The list goes on and on.

If you have a need for some help, give a call or email us. The cost for dedicated help starts at $50/week.

The people at Professional Staffing Offsite can do this!  Call or email us.  Here are the details.

Please feel free to call or email if have any further
questions on Digital Marketing!
Our number in Australia is (03) 9005 8116

If you are based in USA or Canada or Europe please email and we can call you back when convenient for you.


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