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Do you ever find it hard to manage your business calls? Do you miss important calls from clients? Do you have trouble connecting two different employees together? Do you struggle working from home? 

Every business requires an efficient telephone system to connect to the clients and the employees. Without a proper phone system, business activities suffer greatly. What if an important client calls your office and you are on call with your employee? This might make you lose a potential client. So, a business requires a phone system that has dynamic features and which is extremely flexible.

We use Grasshopper. Grasshopper is a virtual phone service that helped me stay connected to my employees, my family, and my clients all at the same time. So, the question is how?

What Does Grasshopper Offer?
Grasshopper connects your phone lines to the web. It works like a VoIP system that offers free distant calls. A traditional telephone system has limited features and is extremely expensive, especially when you want to connect with a client or employee located in another city or state. Grasshopper has several interesting features including:
• Call forwarding to phone lines and mobile devices.
• Unlimited extensions.
• 800 phone numbers.
• Voice recording.
• Video calling.

Why Get Grasshopper?
If you are not convinced yet, let me tell you why businesses require Grasshopper. Businesses already have a lot of costs to bear and that’s the reason they are unable to afford costly phone systems. Grasshopper is an extremely affordable phone system that has abundant features. This system doesn’t require additional hardware. This system is ideal for small businesses and entrepreneurs that are starting out at a low initial cost. These businesses can’t manage and afford expensive phone systems and hardware. Businesses can easily set-up their toll free numbers and several extensions, one for each employee.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about missed calls because Grasshopper offers voicemail recording and message recording. Even if you miss an important call from a client, you will receive the message anyway. To ensure effective customer service, you can record your own greeting message for anyone who calls you. Grasshopper also offers a money back guarantee within thirty days of purchase. If you want to improve customer service and work efficiency, Grasshopper is what you need. 



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