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Businesses have large amounts of data that need proper handing and maintenance. Hard drives and flash drives aren’t enough to hold such large amounts of data and that’s the reason businesses are moving towards

smart storage services. One such online storage service is Dropbox that is perfect for businesses to keep their data secured and take the load off of their devices.

Benefits Of Having Dropbox

The biggest strength of Dropbox is its simplicity. To save a file in Dropbox, you just need to drop the item in it. The files that you save in Dropbox will be available on all the devices connected through a single account. Dropbox is also available for mobile phones and users can simply backup their photos and files on it. It also allows users to create different folders to manage their files in a better way.

Another great thing about Dropbox is that allows businesses to clear off storage from their devices. It also allows users to edit the documents and files saved within it. It is a highly secure platform for saving your company’s data as it features file encryption and a two-step verification process.

Perfect Application For Your Translation or Interpreting Business

Dropbox is perfect for businesses and allows them to speed-up their operations. Dropbox offers a variety of perks for businesses including:

  • It is safe for businesses as it keeps the data protected with the help of encryption. Because most documents for translation are confidential, this is a required featured when receiving documents from your clients.
  • It also prohibits outsiders from getting their hands on a company’s sensitive information.
  • It features a synchronization option which helps different employees connect and share data with each other sitting anywhere in the world.
  • The technicians of Dropbox help keep the system running without a glitch.
  • It allows businesses to invite clients to view certain files on Dropbox by sending them the URL to the file.
  • The paid service provides 1TB storage space.  There is only 2GB provided in the free service and you would be surprised how quickly that space is used up! 

Dropbox is definitely designed for businesses as it helps them minimize their IT costs. Dropbox is undoubtedly the best cloud backup service for creating online data back-up. Dropbox has a user-friendly interface which makes it ever more appealing, especially for small businesses. Moreover, it offers a lot of flexibility and in case you accidently delete an important piece of document, you have thirty days to recover it. If you want to reduce costs, improve work efficiency, and keep your data safe, Dropbox is perfect for your business.  We use it here at the Translation Journal for storing articles, graphic, pictures and other important documents needed to access for the Translation Journal website. 

Here is a link to try out the free service of DropBox.


Written by Karen Hodgson





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