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I always struggled managing my own inbox until I found Boomerang for Gmail. This incredibly amazing app is free of cost and helps you manage your inbox and email messages. What I really liked about Boomerang is that it helps me

schedule my email messages. Now, I am able to prioritize emails and schedule them to the desired day or date.

This works well with businesses that have to deal with thousands of emails. It can become really hard to keep up with so many messages. However, if you have Boomerang for Gmail, you can set a specific day, date, or time for an email to appear on top of your inbox, which helps you stay organized.

Send Emails At The Right Time

Many times, I write emails that I want to send the next day but it always slips my mind because I am too caught up in work. With the help of Boomerang for Gmail, I’ve been able to re-schedule my messages and set a time for its delivery. So, I just have to write the emails and Boomerang sends it for me at the right time. Now, I don’t have to worry about delayed emails and lost clients.

The great part is that it makes the urgent or scheduled email messages to appear on top of my inbox so that I remember to send them. This email software is like an organizer that keeps your entire inbox managed. Boomerang also acts as a reminder by notifying you when someone did not respond to your message. This means that you can keep a track of all of your activity without causing any trouble to your business.

Read A Message At Another Time

Sometimes when out for lunch or evening events, I receive important emails from clients that I open to read but intendedly did not answer in order think about the issue or to respond when I would be a bit moreefocused and clear headed.   On occasion, this resulted in completely forgetting to respond.  The result--annoyed clients who felt, rightly so, neglected.  We don’t want that to happen!

Boomerang gives an interesting option that allows a person to keep the message on top of the inbox to be read at another time. This means that you can also schedule incoming email messages to your desired time.

Boomerang is an efficient way of organizing and managing your inbox and emails. If you receive an email with a date mentioned in it, Boomerang suggests that you schedule it to your inbox for a day before the mentioned date. Smart technology that helps you be more efficient and productive.

To find out more about Boomerang click here

Written by Karen Hodgson


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