Volume 10, No. 2 
April 2006

Lorenzo Fiorito


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Straddling the East-West Divide
by Diane Howard

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The Bottom Line
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Buzzword or Bonanza? A Translator Reflects on Best Practice
by Ann C. Sherwin

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Susana Greiss: 1920 - 2006

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Great Moments in Languages—Miss Liberty, Wireless
by Ted Crump

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Distance and Online Courses for Translators
by Christine Schmit

  Financial Translation
An English - Italian Glossary of International Finance and Trade
by Lorenzo Fiorito
Brazilian Taxation—An Introduction
by Vera & Danilo Nogueira

  Cultural Aspects of Translation
Translation in Context
by Jiang Tianmin
Narrowing the Gap between Theory and Practice of Translation
by Salawu Adewuni, Ph.D.

  Book Review
Manual de documentación para la traducción literaria
Dra. Carmen Cuéllar Lázaro
Camões in English—A Review
Regina Alfarano, Ph.D.

  Bible Translation
Proverbs and Phrases of Biblical Origin
by Igor Maslennikov

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Is Translation Teachable?
by Massoud Azizinezhad
Using Trados's WinAlign Tool to Teach the Translation Equivalence Concept
by Shih Chung-ling

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Translators’ Emporium
Legal Aspects of Compiling Corpora to be used as Translation Resources—Questions of Copyright
by Michael Wilkinson

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Web Surfing for Fun and Profit
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Financial Translation


An English - Italian Glossary of International Finance and Trade

by Lorenzo Fiorito


ompared to general language, one of the remarkable features of technical and scientific texts is their nominal style, since about half of all words in an ESP text are nouns. Hence, the importance of glossaries, which convey most of the meaning of a specialized text.

The use of a glossary is essential for successful translations and professional usage of English for Specific Purposes. However, users are often not equipped with the exact English terminology required in very specific sectors. This glossary provides key words and phrases for international trade and finance; it is an attempt to describe a specialty language through a lexical approach, by compiling a bilingual glossary in an ESP subject field, and has mostly been compiled by finding items and comparing usage in bilingual specialized texts (dedicated websites, customs and bank forms, insurance contracts and so on).

The glossary addresses primarily translators and special language users (subject specialists, teachers and learners for specific purposes) also including other possible users such as communication specialists, specialist lexicographers and so on.

It is a shorter and slightly modified version of my glossary published in appendix in: Tempesta, F, 2004, Dizionario del commercio internazionale, Milano, IPSOA.

English-Italian Glossary of International Trade & Finance