Volume 10, No. 1 
January 2006

Gabe Bokor

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  Translator Profiles
Love of Languages
by János Samu

  In Memoriam
John F. Szablya — 1924 - 2005

  The Profession
The Bottom Line
by Fire Ant & Worker Bee

  TJ Cartoon
Great Moments in Languages—The Homegrown Grammarian
by Ted Crump

  Translators Around the World
The Hague Program and how it could affect the translating and interpreting profession
by Eleni Markou

  Science & Technology
Nuclear Technology—a Translation Testing Ground
by M.L. Seren-Rosso

  Translation Nuts & Bolts
Translating Pronouns and Proper Names: Indonesian versus English
by Izak Morin
Equivalence in Translation
by Lotfollah Karimi, M.A.

  Translator Education
Criterios para las selecciones textuales en la formación de traductores especializados
M. Blanca Mayor Serrano

  Literary Translation
Documentation as Ethics in Postcolonial Translation
by Dora Sales Salvador
Fate: The Inevitable Betrayal in Translating
by Leandro Wolfson
Proper Names in Translation of Fiction (Translation into English of The History of a Town by M.E. Saltykov-Shchedrin)
by Alexander Kalashnikov

  Translators' Tools
Translators’ Emporium
Compiling Corpora for Use as Translation Resources
by Michael Wilkinson

  Caught in the Web
Web Surfing for Fun and Profit
by Cathy Flick, Ph.D.
Translators’ On-Line Resources
by Gabe Bokor
Translators’ Best Websites
by Gabe Bokor

Translators’ Events

Call for Papers and Editorial Policies
Translation Journal
Caught in the Web

Translators’ Best Web Sites

About Google's Page Ranking (PR) Index: Google ranks all web pages on a scale from 0 to 10 according to the number of links that lead to that page and the importance of the referring pages. A low PR number does not reflect the quality of the page, but may tell the owner that it needs more marketing effort to make the page more "popular." You can check the PR of your, or any other, web page at http://www.prchecker.info/check_page_rank.php, for example. For an explanation of Google's PageRank technology, see http://www.google.com/technology/.

Chiara Francese Marinolli's Site
A simple site with an attractive design. It is supposed to be in four languages (Italian, French, English, German), but somehow the banners on the home page and the languages of the other pages don't always match. Brief description of Chiara's translation, interpretation, and proofreading services, rates, and reasons she should be chosen.

Informational content7
Ease of navigation9
Web technique8
Speed of loading 10
Google Page Ranking0

Rina Ne'eman's Site
A fun site with lots of pictures which, however, don't always clearly indicate where they lead. Fortunately there are also text links for easy navigation. Description of services, (numerous) areas of expertise, references (only names of companies), and tools.
Informational content9
Ease of navigation9
Web technique8
Speed of loading 10
Google Page Ranking0

Mohammed Al-Obaidi's Site
A very attractive-looking site, whose graphics imitate the Arabic script's flowing lines. The different pages describe Mohammed's profile, translation, Arabic cultural competency and cultural awareness training services, with a blurb on business in Iraq.

Informational content10
Ease of navigation10
Web technique8
Speed of loading 10
Google Page Ranking0