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In the Name of God


“A Register Analysis of the Persian Translation of McCarthy’s novel ‘The Road’ in light of Steiner’s model”
by Fatemeh Souzani


Analyzing the translations of literary works has long been of a common interest to researchers, translators and linguists. Among the
analytic models used to analyze translations, Steiner’s model of Register Analysis has been less explored as compared to that of House,
Halliday, Baker, etc. However, the detailed and comprehensive framework of this theory has made it a reliable basis of analyzing translated
texts. Therefore, the present research aims to adopt this model in order to analyze the translation of an award-winning English post-
modern novel written by Cormac McCarthy in 2009. Its Persian translation has been produced by several authors among whom we
chose to analyze Hossein Noosh Azar’s (2010). The main register components of Steiner’s model, field, tenor and model along with their
sub-components were investigated in the translated text and actual instances were extracted from both the source and target translated
text and were presented in the results section. This paper is in fact the first academic effort to adopt Steiner’s model to analyze the Persian
translation of a postmodern literary work in Iran.

Key words: translation, Steiner’s model, register analysis. McCarthy.

1. Introduction:

In many different contexts such as text production, text interpretation, representation of multilingual knowledge, and especially in translation,
texts need to be analyzed before being processed. Although these analyses are not the aim of the process itself, are in such contexts
important tools for making text structure explicit and for preparing the meaning encoded in the text for representation in a different form.
One special case is translation that is the encoding in a different natural language (Steiner, 1997).

1.1. Steiner’s point of view

As a member of the German SFL school of translation Erich Steiner is considered to be a functional linguist. In the nineties, in two of his
articles, 1997 and 1998, he proposed an overall model of context, text and language for translation purposes. He worked on English-
German language pairs and put forth his model based on that. His register analysis had in fact been rooted in SFL, but had some

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