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egister Analysis of the Persian Italian Technical Literature
Translation of McCarthy’s Novel in the Field of
‘The Road’ in Light of Steiner’s Model Architectural Restoration:
By: Fatemeh Souzani The case study of the
Advancing the Theory of Fidelity Historic Memories about
Erosion in Translation the Vatican Church
By: Enoch Ajunwa (Ph.D.) By: Giovanni Poleni
African Cultural and Literary Specificity L’enseignement Et
in the Broad Translation Quality Debate L’apprentissage De La
By: Wanchia T. Neba, (Ph.D.) Traduction: Une Guise De
Cinematic Text and Translation: Méthodologie
Film Adaptations and Follow-Ups By: Kolawole S. O. (Ph.D)
By: Inga Milevica La Notion De Tradaptation
Cultural Filters in Rendering Dramatique : Le Cas De
Advertisements: A Case Study of Iran Trop C’est Trop, De Protais
By: Ghobadi and Rahimian Asseng
English - French Internet Terminology By: Enoch Ajunwa (Ph.D.)
Reservoir Le Rôle Du Sous-Titrage
By: Tamer Osman Dans La Promotion Et La
Fire Ant & Worker Bee Valorisation Des Langues
By: Chris Durban Locales Au Cameroun
From Being A Translator to A Facilitator: By: Ayonghe Lum Suzanne
Role Exchange of an Interpreter Working Literal translation, AARGH!
for Intergovernmental Communication By: Franfoise Herrmann
By: Simei Liao Metaphors and Metonymies
Identification of the Most Used in Classical Chinese Poetry
Translation Strategies in the Persian and their English
Translation of Abrams’s “A Glossary of Translations
Literary Terms” Based on Baker’s By: Suling YU
By: Amir Marzban & Maryam Naderi Shiadeh

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