Volume 5, No. 2 
April 2001




Another Milestone
by Gabe Bokor
Index 1997-2001
  Translator Profiles
The Translator Is a Writer
by Eileen Brockbank
  The Profession
The Bottom Line
by Fire Ant & Worker Bee
Marketing Your Translation Services: Test Translations—To Do or Not to Do?
by Andrei Gerasimov
The Changing World of Japanese Patent Translators
by Steve Vlasta Vitek
Sounding the Language-Elephant's Trumpet (a guide for intelligent buyers of translation services)
by Paul Sutton
  Translator Education
Toward a Model Approach to Translation Curriculum Development
by Moustafa Gabr
Translators or Instructors or Both
by Carol Ann Goff-Kfouri, Ph.D.
World Translation Contest
by Danilo Nogueira
  Literary Translation
Three Translations of La Chanson du mal-aimé by Guillaume Apollinaire
by Giovanna Summerfield
Translating The Sisters and Happy Endings: a proposal of a model of translation and a discussion on women's language and translation
by María Calzada Perez
  Financial Translation
Problématique de la traduction économique et financière
by Frédéric Houbert
The Check is not in the Mail—Banking in Brazil
by Danilo Nogueira
  Science & Technology
A Translator’s Guide to Organic Chemical Nomenclature XXIII
by Chester E. Claff, Jr., Ph.D.
  Dictionary Reviews
Emotions, Taboos and Profane Language
by Zsuzsanna Ardó
  Caught in the Web
Web Surfing for Fun and Profit
by Cathy Flick, Ph.D.
Translators’ On-Line Resources
by Gabe Bokor
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Translation Journal

Another Milestone

  by Gabe Bokor

n January 12, 2001, the 100,000th visitor had the front page of the Translation Journal come up on his or her computer screen. I don't know if this visitor lives in New York or New Delhi, is young or old, is a professional translator or just someone interested in languages and translation. I only wish to thank this unknown visitor, as well as the other 99,999 visitors that preceded him/her for making the Translation Journal the leader of on-line publications for translators.

As the number of readers of the Translation Journal continues to grow, so does the number of contributors. This book-sized issue brings you 14 feature articles by authors living in 9 different countries. The number of authors approaching the editor has now made it necessary to apply stricter criteria to the publication of the proposed contributions, which means that some of them have had to be refused. Reasons for refusal include lack of sufficient informational content and the use of languages other than the major European languages. Greater selectivity ultimately means higher quality and sharper focus on the topics of real interest to translators.

Despite the number of articles offered for publication, there are still topics that have not or have been insufficiently covered so far. I would like to have more articles on specific technical subjects, on legal and regulatory issues translators face in different countries, and different forms of partnerships entered into by translators. I would also like to publish discussions on controversial subjects such as free tests required by translation buyers (see A. Gerasimov's article in this issue).

It's the combined experience of translators from different parts of the world and different backgrounds that makes this publication uniquely valuable to its more than 100,000 readers!