Rotating Globe
Volume 14, No. 1
July 2014

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Translation Journal
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TJ Interactive: Translation Journal Blog

Polysystem Theory and Translation:
a practical case in a multilingual context of Indonesia

by Izak Morin
Green Chemistry Vocabulary
by Leonard J. MERAW

Interpreter Management System

Information-based Translation Training Helps Undergraduates Carry out Translation Tasks in Actual Settings.
by Glenda M. Mejía

The Effects of Team Diversity in Knowledge Sourcing Scope and Individual Learning Mode:
A Multi-level Approach

by Tae Hun Kim, Jae-Nam Lee

Marathi Theater vis-à-vis American Theater
by Dr. Sunil Sawant

Translation or Treason: On Translating the Third Code
by Peter Wuteh Vakunta

Ready..Steady..Translate in the Real World of UAE:
Do Undergraduate Translation Programs Meet the Market Needs?
Suggesting Avenues of Discussion

by Tara Muayad R. Al-Hadithy 

A Proposal for change in the role of NAATI
by Phuc Thien Le, PhD

The Role of Audiovisual Translation in the Implementation of Language Policies in Cameroon
by Dr Ayonghe Lum Suzann

Two New Chinese Translations of Hamlet Introduced and Compared
by Xiaonong Wang

Omission as a strategy in subtitling
by Mansooreh Hosseinnia    

Grupos nominais expandidos na linguagem médica alemã e respetivos equivalentes em português
por Katrin Herget e Teresa Alegre the official linguistic frontier of French
by Françoise Herrmann, Ph.D NYU -SCPCS

How to Send Files when Too Big for Email
by Karen Hodgson

Teaching Translation in Cameroon Anglophone High Schools: Challenges for Innovative Pedagogy
A Proposal for change in the role of NAATI
by Phuc Thien Le, PhD
Letter to Editor
by Karen Hodgson



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