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Translation Business Course

Starting your own Translation Business Course

Is this you?

• Recent translation or interpreting course graduate
• Freelance translator wanting to grow their translation business
• New entrepreneur wanting to start a translation business 

You will learn:
• How to build an online presence by creating a website
• Which social media platforms to use and key tips on what to write
• What tools you need to get started 
• Why joining professional associations and events is key to your success
• How to be proactive in order to meet potential clients
• Tips on crafting your brand
• How to price your services 

This course will be starting: May 8th 2017

How it works:
When you enroll you will receive all the 7 modules. 
Module 1: Branding
Module 2: Build High-Converting Website
Module 3: Social Media for Translation Businesses
Module 4: Pricing
Module 5: Networking & Associations
Module 6: Tools
Module 7: Mentoring

And with the course I have scheduled 4 calls with me. I will go over the modules and answer ALL your questions. As long as it takes! I'm here for you to help you set up your own Translation Business.

(2 per week scheduled to accommodate time zones)

Dates of the calls: 
11th May (8:00pm CDT 12:00noon) 12th May (7:00pm GMT)

18th May (8:00pm CDT 12:00noon) 19th May (7:00pm GMT)

Cost $97

Who am I?

My name is Karen Hodgson and I started my translation company a decade ago. From implementing strategies that work and learning which were simply a waste of time, I manage a successful translation company with offices located in Australia and the USA. I get to travel all over the world while running my business.

In this course, I share with you the strategies that work.

Why invest in a translation business? 
Because the translation industry is HUGE! According to the Common Sense Advisory, the translation industry is a 40 billion U.S dollar market! Yes, 40 billion-dollar industry. 

The translation market is huge and we all can get a slice of the pie!

Email me for more information. karen@translationjournal.net

Karen Hodgson

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