Volume 11, No. 3 
July 2007

Gabe Bokor

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  From the Editor
Thank You!
by Gabe Bokor

  Translator Profiles
Entering the Profession through the Back Door
by Márcio Badra

  The Profession
The Bottom Line
by Fire Ant & Worker Bee
Educating the Customers, Redux: Time
by Brett Jocelyn Epstein
The Importance of Effective Communication in the Translation Business
by Judy A. Abrahams

  Cultural Aspects of Translation
Translation procedures, strategies and methods
by Mahmoud Ordudary
A Cognitive Approach for Translating Metaphors
by Ali R. Al-Hasnawi, Ph.D.

  Language and Communication
Haiducii Story
by M. L. Seren-Rosso
Translating Kinship Terms to Malay
by Radiah Yusoff

  Literary Translation
Caveat Translator—Let the Translator Beware
by William L. Cunningham
Transformation of Literary Imagery in Translation—Sallust's Personage of Catiline in Bulgarian Translation Context
by Yoana Sirakova

  Book Review
The Greatest Invention that Was Never Invented
by Zsuzsanna Ardó

From Zeros to Heroes: The Role of the Translator during the Late Qing Dynasty
by David Smith

  Translators' Tools
Specialized Corpora for Translators: A Quantitative Method to Determine Representativeness
by Gloria Corpas Pastor, Ph.D. and Miriam Seghiri, Ph.D.
Translators’ Emporium

  Caught in the Web
Web Surfing for Fun and Profit
by Cathy Flick, Ph.D.
Translators’ On-Line Resources
by Gabe Bokor
Translators’ Best Websites
by Gabe Bokor

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Call for Papers and Editorial Policies

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Caught in the Web

Translators’ Best Web Sites

About Google's Page Ranking (PR) Index: Google ranks all web pages on a scale from 0 to 10 according to the number of links that lead to that page and the importance of the referring pages. A low PR number does not reflect the quality of the page, but may tell the owner that it needs more marketing effort to make the page more "popular." You can check the PR of your, or any other, web page at http://www.prchecker.info/check_page_rank.php, for example. For an explanation of Google's PageRank technology, see http://www.google.com/technology/.

Céline Graciet's Site
A combination of web site and blog, both bilingual English and French. Simple, but attractive design, with information about Céline as an English-to-French translator, links, clients' comments, and contact information.
Informational content9
Ease of navigation9
Web technique8
Google Page Ranking3

Tatiana de Baptista Raineri's Site
Another simple but attractive site, describing Tatiana's education, experience, areas of special expertise, portfolio, volunteer work, rates, contact info, as well as info on Portuguese language lessons and links. Only in English.

Informational content8
Ease of navigation8
Web technique8
Google Page Ranking2

Val Dragu's Site
An interesting site, original by its lack of pretentiousness. The only graphics on the home page are the emblems of two organizations Val belongs to and of the site's designer. The other pages (translation services, résumé:, links, Web design with screen shots of and links to sites designed by Val, Romanian links, contact info) are accessible from a pulldown menu or from text links. Only in English.

Informational content8
Ease of navigation10
Web technique8
Google Page Ranking3