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Translators’ Databases

Note: Many translators' organizations also maintain translators' databases, usually listing members only.

Translators' Cafe
Database for agencies and freelancers, discussion forum, jobs mediation. Basic membership free, "Master" membership US$ 80/year. A well-designed, user-friendly site.

Translators' and agencies' database, articles. Free registration.

A translation exchange service where translators exchange translations, earning points when they provide a service and spending them when using a colleague's services. No money changes hands. The translations are rated by "experts," and translations by highly rated members cost more points. The site is translated into 20 languages.

24-Hour Translations
This searchable (by language pair, location, experience, and price range) database of translators is free for freelancers. Translation users can also enter the word count of the job at hand to get a price estimate.

Searchable database of translators and translation companies, based in the Netherlands. Add your name too. Also job offers, news, interviews, profiles. One of the oldest and most prestigious translators' resources on the Web.

@-Dictam Database
This translation company, based in Spain and specializing in Spanish <-> French translations, maintains a database for translators not working in those language combinations. Registration in the database costs 50 euros/year. Access to the database is free, and no commission is charged on third-party transactions.

Cecilia Falk’s Home Page
Translators, Translation Companies, and many other useful links.

Medizin & MedTech-Verlag’s Database of Medical Translators
Free listing with searchable database and/or home page for translators working in the medical field.
Free directory and job posting service for translators, translation users, and translation agencies. A well-designed site created and managed by Henry Dotterer. It's free for both potential translation buyers and translation providers.
Resources for translators, a free list of translators, as well as resources and products for people needing translations.
Database for translators and translation agencies, who must pay a yearly fee to be listed and able to use certain services of the site. The service is free for translation buyers. Site in eight languages.
Translators' database searchable by language combination, subject matter expertise and rate. The site's language is German with English and French planned. Registration for translators is free of charge.

Searchable database of translators, based in Germany.

See also NCTA and NCATA at Translators’ Organizations, as well as Atril and AppLocalize under Translation Aid Software.