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Translation Journal

Translators’ On-Line Resources

Translation Aid Software

In addition to being the home to the Déjà vu translation memory software (with free demo download), this site contains an experimental multilingual dictionary, as well as a database of translators and translation companies.

Lexicool Software Products for Translators
Information about Lingo 2.0 Translator’s Assistant, Lexik Bilingual glossaries, etc., as well as a variety of translation-related links.

Trados Homepage
Home page of the Translator’s Workbench and other translation tools. Free demo download.

Translators’ Tools
(Not to be confused with a homonymous section of the Translation Journal.) Freeware tools (mostly for those using Trados), Perl & Perl scripts for various purposes, and link to WordSmith Tools (with a great alignment tool!), etc.

Translation Tools Mailing List
CAT links in the Open Directory: a large number of CAT-related links, including comparisons of the various tools

WordFisher and WordAlign
WordFisher is a full-featured translation project management macro kit offering Find and Replace operations in file groups, bilingual corpus building, pretranslation, consistency check and file alignment. It requires MS Word version 6 or above, including Word 2000. WordAlign is a plug-in for WordFisher and can be downloaded at no charge by registered users of WordFisher. The English, German, French, Hungarian, Spanish or Brazilian Portuguese versions of the manual, as well as an evaluation version of the software, can also be downloaded from this site.