Rotating Globe
Volume 14, No. 1
July 2014

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Translation Journal
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about Translators and Translation

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Index 1997-2013


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In memoriam - Shuckran Kamal

  Business Tips

Five Diversification strategies for free
by Nicole Y. Adams




Tall Man with a Dream
by Danilo Nogueira




World Literature in Translation
by Anouar El Younssi




Investigating the evolution in the language teaching component of the translation curriculum in ASTI: Status, Scope, and Results
by Dr. Sakwe George Mbotake



  From the Editor

Today is the Right Day to Love, Believe and Mostly Live
by Karen Hodgson



Politics & Culture
         Translation in Multilateral Diplomacy: Cultural and Political Hurdles
by Aziza AFKIR

News Translation as Reconstruction of Reality within Frames
by Nancy X. Liu



  Shop Talk
Publication and Translation Side by Side: Translation Strategies of Medical Researchers for Publishing Articles
by Nematullah Somoossi
& Azam Shomoossi

Gains and Pitfalls of Sentence-Splitting in Translation by Maria A. Kunilovskaya
PhD, Associate Professor, Tyumen State University



English-Spanish/Spanish-English Glossary of the Most Common Cooking Terms
by Dra. Concepción Mira Rueda
10 Apps Translators and Interpreters Must Download and Try
by Karen Hodgson
Call for Papers and Editorial Policies



From the Editor






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