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Lighthouse Translations
1 (877) 261-2495
Lighthouse Translations was birthed out of the need to provide quality translation of documents and interpretation of presentations and meetings to a multicultural network of clients.

Since our inception in 2003, Lighthouse Translations has maintained the vision to provide all of our clients, from many different countries and regions, with efficient and effective translation and interpretation services, lighting the path to global communications.

Our Specializations Include:

Document Translation
Website Translation
Business Meeting Interpretation
Conference Interpretation
Simultaneous Interpretation
Interpretation Equipment Rental
With a team of over 200 native-speaking professionals, trained in translation and interpretation services in more than 20 languages, and the latest technology and resources at your disposal Lighthouse Translations can offer quick turnaround time for every project, at a moment’s notice.

As members of the American Translators Association, the Association of Language Companies, the Tampa Bay Convention & Visitors Bureau, The Miami Visitors & Convention Bureau, the Puerto Rico Hotels & Tourism Association, and the Puerto Rico Convention Bureau, Lighthouse Translations has helped businesses and organizations all over the world deliver quality translation and interpretation services to meetings, conferences, and presentations.
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