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Working with high-end clients demWorking with high-end clients demystifiedystified

As self-employed translation professionals, we are free to work with whatever clients and in whatever area of specialisation we choose. Some translators decide to work only for agencies, some work with a mix of select agencies and direct clients, and some prefer to work only with direct clients, and high-end clients in particular. Each business model is legitimate. Things only become challenging when a translator wants to start working in a different segment than they currently are¬ – for example, move from an agency-only to a mixed-client or high-end-client-only model¬ – but is unable to achieve this next step for whatever reason.

One thing is clear: there are high-end clients out there who need your services. Irrespective of your particular area of specialisation, there is always a client who needs precisely the services you offer for their business to function properly. There is no big secret behind landing those highend clients – the process is the same as in other industries, and your future high-end clients likely already work with a number of other independent small businesses or solopreneurs to help them keep their businesses running.

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