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The Bright Side of Freelance Translation

Health warning: the reading of these stories is liable to seriously inspire you.

This e-book is not about translators who are genetically predisposed to be happy or look only on the bright side of life, but rather those who realise that the solutions to the ups, downs, bounties and challenges of life as a freelance translator are in their hands, and their hands alone, who buckle down, refuse to whinge and get on with the job. It’s sometimes a slow journey, full of twists and turns, and there are occasional setbacks as well as lucky breaks, but there is no going back, and certainly no looking for outside sources on which to blame all our woes.

The path towards transforming your business life starts with taking a look at yourself: your values and your needs, the way you present yourself both in person and online, the way you promote your services. It’s also about the organisation and discipline you bring to your work and the way you value your own services and skills. Even when all that is in place, it’s about not standing still, but continually growing, pushing yourself, broadening your horizons.

If you start to work on all these fronts, encouraged and motivated by some of the stories you are about to read, then there are simply no limits to the discoveries you might make. So sit back, make yourself a cup of your favourite beverage, and open up your mind to the possibilities that lie ahead.

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