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Welcome to the TJ Blog! You can join any existing blog by clicking on Comments and then on Post a Comment. In order to post a comment, you must register as a user and the publication of your comments is subject to approval to avoid spam. However, a legitimate comment will appear in the blog within 24 hours and can be viewed by clicking on Comments to that blog. If you do not wish to register under your real name, you may use an alias, although the use of real names is strongly encouraged.

If you wish to start a discussion on a new subject, you must send me a message containing
  1. your name, e-mail address and location;
  2. the proposed title of the new blog, and
  3. the text you wish to appear under that title.
If the subject is appropriate for the Translation Journal, I will then create the new blog, which will appear on top of the latest one, with your signature, and with a Comments button for comments by readers.

The blogs and comments will stay on the Web indefinitely. Once posted, a comment cannot be edited. It can be deleted only by its author or by yours truly, although the latter is committed to deleting a post only in cases of abuse.

Please note: Advertising, political or religious propaganda, racist or other hate statements are not allowed in the Translation Journal Blog.

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