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Karin Adamczyk’s Home Page
Karin Adamczyk discontinued the listing of bad payers/slow payers/non-payers at her Web site, but she has established a payment practices mailing list, where translators can still find out if a certain customer is a habitual slow payer or non-payer.

An original site by Hazem Azmy, Egypt, with lots of interesting links classified by type.

Roger Chriss's Language Realm
An ecletic site with news about translation, glossaries, articles, translation as a business, technology, and links. An interesting and well-designed site.

Joo Roque Dias's Web Site
One of the best Web sites I've seen. Clear, attractive design combined with technical wizardry and rich content. An example of how a translator's web site is supposed to provide useful information to clients and colleagues in an interesting and easy-to-navigate form.

Frank Dietz’s Home Page
A great selection of English and German monolingual and bilingual on-line glossaries in various subject areas.

Eva Easton's Site
An extensive site aimed mostly at language teachers, but also useful to translators. English grammar, dictionaries and glossaries in many languages, travel, and humor. A delight for anybody interested in languages.
An excellent resource for translators. DictSearch (over 90 on-line dictionaries), TranslateNow (on-line machine translation), LinkSearch, NetSearch (hundreds of search engines from a single screen), Technology (mainly machine translation), Translators (enter your CV), and Forum.

Jobs for German Linguists
To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE u-jobs to the above address.

Michael Gierhake’s Language and Translation Links
A translator’s treasure trove of glossaries, dictionaries, search engines, and more.

Glenn’s Guide to Translation Agencies
This home to Glenn’s Guide to Translation Agencies also contains useful advice to beginning translators, links to dictionaries and databases, reference resources, information on specific countries, and much more! Glenn's list has now been purchased by e-Translate.
A useful site for anybody involved in translation, localization, or globalization. Links to dictionaries, software tools, standards, educational resources, translators' databases, and much more.

Database of the different translation services by languages and specialist areas. Free registration for translators and translation bureaus for a six-month trial period. Translators may upload their resumes, which appear in a standardized format.

The Human Languages Page
One of the most comprehensive Web sites featuring translation- and language-related links, classified into linguistic, commerical, educational, etc. resources.

This site by Magdalena Giannotti is a nice collection of resources, mainly for translators working into or from Spanish.

Lingo 24
Translation Industry Career Guide. Articles about the profession, micro-glossary, project management, case studies. Also useful links to World Factbook, currency converter, and more.

Marcia Klingensmith’s Home Page
Translation companies, translators’ organizations, and other resources.

The Language Hub
Bilingual and multilingual dictionaries and glossaries in 136 languages.

A school for practicing translators offering a series of mostly one-day courses on topics ranging from legal translation to marketing to aeronautics.

An ecletic site featuring Aquarius's Translators' Database, lots of links related to languages, translation and much more.

Page d’agrégation d’anglais
A delightful bilingual potpourri of links, poems, trivia, articles, etc. about language and translation from the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe.

Radovan Pletka’s Job List
Weekly list of job offers in the language industry. Send your request to the above address. Subscriptions cost $30/year; free subscriptions are available, but lists under free subscriptions are mailed out with a 2-week delay. For more information see

Harald Rebling’s Home Page
A site with lots of interesting links to on-line dictionaries, free machine translation, translators wanted, and other resources.
A variety of language resources from travel to translation, including dictionaries, language schools, art and culture, classified by language. A site worth visiting.

Ann Sherwin’s Home Page
A site designed with simple resources but excellent taste, that’s a pleasure to read. Resources for translators (with emphasis on German), genealogists, and editors, info on German Fraktur script. Miscellaneous links.

Silicon Valley Localization Forum
Localization- and software-related information and links.

Tonos Digital
Electronic journal for linguistics, published under the aegis of Universidad de Murcia since March 2001. All issues are available from the above site. An attractive and content-rich site worth browsing. In Spanish.

Trados Links for Translators
Interesting translators’ links with monthly updates.

A promising site for translators featuring news from different countries and in different languages, interactive translation, and articles. At the time of this writing (January 2003) the site had some sections under construction or simply non-operative, such as the Translators' Forum and three out of seven language versions.

A very attractive site by Eduardo e Tamara Barile from São Paulo, Brazil. Lots of useful links classified by category. Free e-mail account. Mostly in Portuguese.

Translate to Success
An interesting and useful site by Timothy Warnock, featuring a wealth of information from statistical data on the translation market to dictionary resources and global marketing strategies. Free e-mail newsletter offered.
Database of translation agencies (sold for prices ranging from US$50 to US$190 depending on the size), non-paying agencies, and different advertising opportunities for translators and translation companies.

The Translation Factory
According to Mark Prosser’s description: “A web site in English and French (Spanish and Arabic ‘mirror sites’ are also in the pipeline), which aims to provide information on translation jobs, terminology resources and various translation issues; translators wishing to offer their services can also advertise in the jobs section free of charge.” Includes a forum section for terminology queries and general discussion.

Translation Notes by Julio Juncal
A translators' blog (web log) by Internet pioneer Julio Juncal. News, opinions, and terminology questions, mainly related to the Spanish language.

The Translator’s Home Companion
The granddaddy of translators’ Web resources. Lots of useful links, Database of NCTA translators and translation companies, dictionary reviews, etc., etc. A must.

Translators’ Site du jour
Susan Larsson’s home page features, in addition to a (theoretically) daily Web site of interest to translators, several search engines with explanations on their use and information about workshops held by the author. Planned is a page of medical translation links, another one of Swedish links and more.
Free e-zine with useful tips to translators, free mailing list, and info on Alex Eames's book "How to Earn $80,000+ per Year as a Freelance Translator."
An excellent resource site featuring news, a list of books for translators, links to on-line glossaries and word lists, idioms in Spanish, German, and Swedish (some with literal "translations"), links to translation aid software sites (DjVu, Trados, Systransoft, IBM Translation Manager, Transit, and Termstar), essays on translation, mailing lists, etc.

The above links were originally published in Cathy Flick's Web Surfing for Fun and Profit column:
Mercedes Fancellu provides this list of “over 1000 links to on-line resources for translators". Click on “After Babel".
“A huge site containing links to hundreds of China-related sites.”—Brian Holton
“Some useful Chinese language & computing material.”—Brian Holton
Not just Chinese. “Translators: links to translators & translation agencies.”—Brian Holton
The Leuven Research Centre for Translation, Communication and Cultures. “Very good links”—Brian Holton