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Microsoft Language Portal
Licia Corbolante indicated this 12-language site, where Microsoft terminology in different languages can be searched online.

English-Chinese Glossary of Legal Terms
Searchable En-Ch legal glossary from Hong Kong. Individual terms expand to show their use in common phrases. Traditional characters only.
Paul Frank alerted us to this helpful BBC guide to British slang for foreigners addicted to Britcoms: BBCAmerica's British-American Dictionary. I've always said that I needed subtitles; this is almost as good.
Billy O'Shea says this English-to-American dictionary is "a great guide to British English for Americans." Plenty of explanatory detail. On the "Insults" page, after the umpteenth entry translated as "idiot": "You could almost decide having read this dictionary that any unknown British word is most likely to mean "idiot". And you could almost be right."

IATE Interactive Database
Now that Eurodicautom seems to be no longer available to the public, this is one remaining terminology database of the European Community all translators can use. Let's hope it remains accessible and updated regularly (which Eurodicautom has not been for some time).
A Portuguese ↔ English parallel bidirectional Corpus. It presently (April 2004) contains a total of 58669 alignment units from 44 source texts and 47 translations. You enter a word in Portuguese or English, and it appears in chunks of text in both languages.
AE ↔ BE dictionary
Carsten Kuckuk indicated this American English <-> British English dictionary.
Manon Bergeron's Index of Financial Glossaries
A comprehensive list of financial and business glossaries classified alphabetically by subject matter. The same site also contains an "instruction manual" for searching the Web.
Dictionaries on the Internet
Indicated by Miguel Gonzalez. A huge list of on-line dictionaries, glossaries, and encyclopedias. Somewhat tilted toward Spanish-language and Islam-related sites.
Dicionários On-line
A useful collection of dictionaries and glossaries, classified by subject matter. Focused on Portuguese.
Dominik Kreuzer's Translation Terms Glosssary
The Glossary of terms related to translation and interpretation is but one feature of this well-designed and content-rich site.
English <-> Spanish Business Glossary
Andy D. Miles' searchable English-Spanish and Spanish-English business glossary.

Eurodicautom On-line Dictionary
Terminology database of the European Communities. Excellent on-line dictionary for the languages of the EC.
Glossary Posts Mailing List
Mailing list for posting on-line glossaries found by members. The Web site features instructions on how to join and a message archieve that's a treasure trove of glossaries in different fields.
Tanya Harvey Ciampi's Web site
This site makes AltaVista and different other search engines find on-line glossaries and dictionaries for you by doing a Boolean search automatically. An original and well-designed site worth bookmarking.
Dominik Kreuzer's Translation Terms Glosssary
The Glossary of terms related to translation and interpretation is but one feature of this well-designed and content-rich site.
Lexicool Directory of Bilingual and Monolingual Dictionaries
A directory of on-line dictionaries and glossaries, searchable by language and subject matter.
LOGOS Multilingual Dictionaries
In addition to featuring this multilingual on-line dictionary, the site also offers the Wordfast translation tool for download, free of charge (see also Translators' Tools in this Journal).
Microsoft's Computer Glossaries
Downloadable computer-related glossaries in 29 languages. Each glossary comes as an .exe file, which extracts into several Excel files containing glossaries specific to different Microsoft programs.
Roelof Oostra’s Home Page
A list of Dutch-German & German-Dutch dictionaries, as well as multilingual dicionaries, all containing both Dutch and German (among other languages). The homepage is in German.