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Translators’ Discussion Groups

Translator Board (Übersetzer Forum)
A discussion forum for German translators. Most messages are, however, in English.

Karin Adamczyk's Business Tips and Mailing List
A site where agency owners and project managers can share information that freelancers should have about making their jobs easier.

Karin Adamczyk's Mailing List for Translation Industry News
A mailing list for distributing translation industry press releases and announcements. To subscribe to the list, send a blank message to

Bahtera—Indonesian Language Mailing List
Mailing list dealing with Indonesian language and translation. To subscribe, send the message subscribe bahtera to the above address.

BIBLIT—Italian Literary Translators' Mailing List
The "official" language of this list is Italian, but messages in English are welcome, provided they concern translation from Italian. You can subscribe to BIBLIT either from http://web.tiscalinet/it/Handa (where you can find a comprehensive FAQ) or or by sending a blank message to The list owner can be contacted at

Cevirmen—Turkish Literary Translators' Discussion Group
Discussion group for Turkish literary translators. Language: Turkish.

Fanyi Mailing List
Fanyi is a public mailing list run by the University of Hawaii. It is devoted to discussion of Chinese T&I issues. An unofficial webpage has been mounted at

FLEFO (Foreign Language Forum of CompuServe)
One of the oldest gatherings of translators in Cyberspace. Check out the new interface. CompuServe membership is no longer required.

German U-Forum
Discussion forum for German translators. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE u-forum to the above address.

Hebrew Translators’ Mailing List
The Hebrew Translating Forum includes queries by Jewish-language translators on a wide range of relevant issues. It also includes links to Internet-based translation resources, questions and discussions about Hebrew, Yiddish, Aramaic or other Semitic terminology, vocabulary, grammar, syntax, or idioms in the Hebrew source or target language, and job leads for Jewish translators around the world.

Hungarian Translators’ Mailing List
Mailing list of Hungarian translators, moderated by Tibor Környei. Send an e-mail to to subscribe.

Ibérica Mailing List
Mailing list for translators who work into and from Portuguese and/or Spanish.

Indonesian Mailing List
For information or to join, go to

Lantra-L Mailing List
Translators’ mailing list. About 150 messages a day on topics ranging from terminology questions to business practices to chit-chat. To join, click on the LISTSERVE address above and send the message: SUB LANTRA-L [fist_name last_name]. (Type your name instead of the bracketed expression. The subject will be ignored by the server).

Jewish Translation Teachers' Forum
A networking forum for teachers of translation skills. Any translation teacher may join, but examples and references are limited to traditional Jewish sources.

lista-tradutores (Portuguese Mailing List)
Mailing list for translators of Portuguese (both Brazilian and European, but heavily tilted toward the former). Visit the Web page of the list: and click "Entre neste grupo." Most Lista messages are in Portuguese.

The LitTrans Mailing List
A mailing list dedicated to literary translation, from and toward any Language—this list deals with questions of terminology, style, translation theory, publishing, resources, and anything else that can be useful to literary translators.
For information see Kirk McElhearn's Resources for Literary Translators page:

portrans Mailing List
Mailing list of Portuguese translators (Portugal) and other resources.

Scandinavian Translators' Mailing List
Get information about this list at
or send an e-mail to with the word "help" in the body of the mail.

Scandinavian Translators' Mailing List
If you send an e-mail to with the word "help" in the body of the mail, you get a detailed description in English.

sci.lang.translation Newsgroup
Subscribe using the News window of your Web browser or your Newsgroup reader.

South African Language Workers' List
E-mail discussion list for South African translators and intepreters, which caters for the 11 official South African languages and those non-South African languages used by South African language practitioners.

Spanish Translators’ Mailing List
for Spanish>English and English>Spanish translators. The group is located at Although membership is required to make postings, all messages are posted directly to the group and may be viewed by the public.
   The group is intended to evolve into a discussion forum not unlike CompuServe's FLEFO, where members exchange glossaries, trade tips, lead one another to useful resources, discuss ethics and client issues, help one another with archaic/obscure words and phrases, and discuss ways to promote the profession and market ourselves.

Swiss Translation Forum
Multilingual (DE-FR-IT-RM-EN) mailing list for Swiss and other translators. The address is:

Translation Teachers' Group
A networking forum for teachers of translation skills.

Translist is a group of over 700 Spanish-to-English and English-to-Spanish translators around the world who have agreed to answer each other's questions on problems in translation by e-mail. It is not a chatroom or debating forum, but purely a technical resource for solving translation problems involving difficult terms or obscure phrasing. The membership is concentrated in the Americas and Europe. To subscribe, send a blank message (containing no text, and nothing in the "Subject" line) to For more information about this list, see the webpage or contact Hal Williams, Julio A. Juncal (, or Daryl Collard (

TW-Users' List
Active mailing list for users of the Trados suite of translation tools. Go to the above address to join.