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Beta Tester: Translation Business Course

Thank you for your interest!

Is this you?
• Recent translation or interpreting course graduate
• Freelance translator wanting to grow their translation business
• New entrepreneur wanting to start a translation business

If so, I’d love for you to participate as a beta tester.

You will learn:
• How to build an online presence by creating a website
• Which social media platforms to use and key tips on what to write
• What directories you need to get listed in order to get the biggest bang for your time
• Why joining professional associations and events is key to your success
• How to be proactive in order to meet potential clients
• Tips on crafting your brand
• How to arrive at a price to quote 
• What professional tools to use to run your business

I’m looking for motivated beta testers to take part in this opportunity.

How it works:

Each week I will email you 2 modules for review. I'm seeking your feedback. I will provide a question and answer document to discuss on Zoom or Skype in a group call with other beta testers or one-to-one, depending on our schedules. I also encourage unlimited consulting with me via email to get your specific questions answered.

Dates (starts soon!)
First 2 modules will be emailed to you starting 16th January 2017. Each Monday (23rd, 30th January, 6th February) you will receive 2 additional modules. You will be expected to review the modules, implement and provide feedback. If your can't make the group calls or one-to-one arrangement the modules will stop (unless you contact me in advance, I understand circumstances may arise and written feedback may be accepted.)

Who am I?
My name is Karen Hodgson and I started my translation company a decade ago. From implementing strategies that work and learning which were simply a waste of time, I manage a successful translation company with offices located in Australia and the USA. I get to travel all over the world while running my business.

In this course, I share with you the strategies that work.

Why invest in a translation business?
Because the translation industry is HUGE! According to the Common Sense Advisory, the translation industry is a 40 billion U.S dollar market! Yes, 40 billion-dollar industry.

The translation market is huge and we all can get a slice of the pie!

Are interested in participating as beta tester? We will be starting Monday, 16th January.

Are you in? Applications due by 14th January.
Please copy and paste the questions below and email your answers to
What language do you translate?
Where are you located?
How long have you been working in this industry?
Why are you interested in participating in this program?
What time suits you best for Skype chat?
Skype number or phone number:

The maximum size for this beta test group is 10. And spots will likely fill up fast. 

Thank you for your interest. Have a lovely day!

Kind Regards,

Karen Hodgson



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